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I live a life one day at a time. Tomorrow is never promised. I have learned patients, and persistence. I laugh harder, I cry with passion, I smile more often, I take time out to smell a single, simple flower. I admire the sun and the clouds. I admire the green grass, and the rain. I appreciate the smaller things of life, it helps me to accept and appreciate the bigger blessings to come. I yearn for true, communicatable, unaltered love. I live a life drama free. If I must be bombarded with drama, allow it to only be the disapointment from my seeds as I guide them to a life pattern of a positive foundation, where their future is brighter than the stentch of a ghetto environment filled with chaos and unavoidable noise of self-destruction. I live with God being the head of it all. Yet, I live. In knowing that all is being learned as I live, for one day, this flesh shall pass away, I live in hopes that the cherished moments will not be forgotten.


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    Friends, Networking

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    January 31, 2007

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    toni owens

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    Dayton, OH

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    Black/African American

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recent blog posts

A Love of My Own


A Love of My Own Growing tired of chasing all of the many faces of men who has claimed to love me.In all reality, the socalled loves they have, only last for the moment, never eternity.When the test of trials appear, it is so funny how their love would disappear, leaving me in hopes to one day find that true love of my own.Here I stand left with all this love I have stored away in a bottle, awaiting for someone to find it that would cherish its contents.How could something so beautiful like love... (continue reading)

"New World Order"


New World Order Myth or true?For the past few days, I have been bombarded with some disturbing information that has me confused and bothered. There was a question asked, Do I know who really runs this country? Since elementary school, I believed the President of the United States was commander and chief of America. Through History lesson's, I learned even the President of the United States is governed by Congress. As I stated earlier, I feel as though I have been wandering in darkness. As I try... (continue reading)

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First Book Signing, over excited...


Activities Hood.Rat Chic A Diamond In The RoughA Celebration of LoveA Day of Honoring The Most High Author Toni Michelle invites you to join her in celebrating her labor of love.When June 22, 2008 SundayBeginning 500 pmSpecial Guest and performers will be there to help give God the glory for allowing my dream to manifest. This is not just a book singing. It is a celebration. You are invited.Where Golden Lady Hair Salon2530 East South Blvd. next to We Finance Auto saleI am asking all who are... (continue reading)

Test of Trials


Life can sometimes deal you a mean deck to deal with.. Traveling the road to try to cross over from thepath I once traveled has not been an easy one.. I mustsay, through the trying times, my faith has beenstrengthened... I am learning that it is through this period of my life, my Character is being reconstructed..Do you sometimes wonder why certain event's in yourlife seem to occur, at that point when it appears you have it all together? I have come to a conclussion thatit is then when the devil... (continue reading)

My Soul Is Crying Out


I sit in my secured sanctuary, with thoughts of those incarcerated, wondering does their punishment really mesure up to their crime. I analyze my personal history, to become discouraged with the truth behind my seeds demise.I held no true value to self worth in my youth, feeling as though no one really cared. It was until I became a mother, when I was enlightened with the ability to decompose those fears.I see African American males who remind me of my seeds, who are being denied the love of a... (continue reading)

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