UNDARATED_ARTIZT SMDH Men lose again women got another day of observation. we only got 3 sweetest day, fathers day, and birthday rdand truthfully sweetest day kind of taken from us too and if you dont have kids like myself you're really %#&@$!ed...lol - March 09 add/view comments (0)

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*Update January 5, 2014*


If you are looking for more on me and My music you can check out www.Madnessmuzik.com The download for the Madness Entertainment app and my albums are at www.Reverbnation.com/madnessmu zik

Ok so I decided to update my personal message Since it's a new year. Most of you all that come to my page probably see my random statuses and comment on them. I appreciate all the love and support on my posts. believe me I got so many things in my head I can posts something every minute but I don't want to irritate you guys with all the random banter and hamming it up. I think more recently I've become a sort of a people person with a voice and the way the world operates on ignorance in this day and age I really get bothered by certain things especially with the way men and women treat each other. Especially when all we got is each other to survive in this world. I see things in a total black and white perspective and like to think of no grey in between. I respect peoples opinion and people in general until you show me you don't need to be respected because you don't do the same thing. I always hear and see alot of our culture of brothas and sisters always ranting and raving about people disrespecting them but in order to get it you have to give it. you can't take anything from someone and don't expect them to be on the defensive.No one is the toughest person on the planet for every person you overpower there are 2 or more that can overpower you.Disrespecting a good woman is one of my Biggest pet peeves. If a woman carries herself and treats people like trash that's one thing but if she's a good Heart, clean, wholesome, nurturing woman and you treat her like %#&@$! i got a problem with it and you.I've been told i'm a straight arrow when it comes to telling people how i feel and I can be a blunt %#&@$! occasionally. But I can articulate when I feel it's necessary to. Anything else about me you want to know just message me.




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Male, Age Private, Kansas City, MO

Posted September 11, 2014

the frog was here!! www.reverbnation.com/goldendar t


Male, 45, Cincinnati, OH

Posted July 08, 2014

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Female, Age Private, Tampa, FL

Posted June 08, 2014

Watching You "Remix" feeling that big time. Nice voice, smooth beat, excellent Flow and you got originals. Keep doing your thing Brother and stay focus. The blessing will come in time.


Female, 37, Germany

Posted February 08, 2013

Happy Birthday

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