Usurp77 GOD isn't at the root of all things inexplicable; Humans just have a bad habit of %#&@$!in' Up EUTOPIA!!! - January 02, 2010 add/view comments (0)

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1.To commit forcible seizure of an office, power, situation, etc. with no regard for tact or decorum; circumvent

2.To employ a " By Any Means Necessary" mantra in all tasks undertaken

3. The epitome of   Keeping It Gangsta'  & Keeping It Movin'   from

the Boardroom to the Back Alleys & all things in between. Even if or when I bite my tongue, Ya' still gone feel the venom!!!!!!

4. Ultimately, understanding this corrupt Military-Industrial Complex we live in called America & their Allies and knowing how to achieve success in this perpetual game of human chess we call life. 


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I'm An Open Book,

But Only For The MultiLingual!!!!

Make Ya' Next Move, Ya' Best Move.

All My Chess Playas know where I'm coming from.

(By The Way, Considering The Queen Is The Most Powerful Piece On The Board... I Find It Ironic Most WOMEN Don't Even Play A Game Metaphorically Related To LIFE!!!!!  Ya'll Might Wanna Step Yo' GAME UP!!! But, I digress....)

I'm probably the only person on Earth who wouldn't be offended by anything you could possibly ask me ... So go right ahead. You gotta GREEN LIGHT & people honking their horn behind you. It's time to floor it!!!!!

Let's Make It Happen  & GET BIG THANGS POPPIN'!!!

Yours Truly Dat DUDE,


P.S. I am EXTREMELY BUSY 24/7/365 so SAY WHATEVA is on ya mind!!!! 



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    Chicago, IL

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