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My name is Matthew. I am a man of God. I love to exchange ideas! I like to learn, I'm very open-minded, and I am always willing to expand my horizons. Some of my main goals include raising a God fearing family, and composing new music. I played the violin since 3rd grade, and I'm now learning how to play the piano. I like to write, paint, draw, and converse with people. Mysteries fascinate me too! If there's anything you want to know, feel free to ask because I'm usually good at responding to messages (Within a day or two). Talk to you later! - Matthew

My Goals
1. Raise a God loving family
2. Provide free energy to Earth
3. Launch a motion picture
4. Compose new music
5. Empower great future leaders
6. Show everyone that their dreams can come true



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    Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American

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SUMMARYBelow, I present a theory on how an entity may recall all expressions received and transmitted. This is an extension of my general theory for total recall.PURPOSEOne may use this theory as a guidepost for communications with multiple entities of multiple types in multiple dimensions. Most importantly, however, is this premise When an entity recalls all expressions from all entity types from all dimensions, that entity is simply ALL Omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent in all planes of... (continue reading)

Hope for my Soulmate on Her Journey


My dear soulmate, our journey is not easy. We may run across each other's path several times before we finally recognize each other. Even if we do recognize each other, there is no guarantee we will be married, because that is for God himself to decide. So, I realize that while the Spirit of God may bring our souls together for a season, not all soulmates are destined to be married. Even so, do not despair. Have hope, my princess, because the Spirit of God never makes mistakes. Everyone comes... (continue reading)

Wisdom For My Future Wife


You are growing. Continue to grow. When you become discouraged, remember that you become victorious. Do not worry. Every day you are renewed. That's God's promise to you. Have faith in Him and He will keep His promise! If there's ever one final thing I'd ask of you, it would be that very thing. When you do gain that faith, do you know what will happen? You will be ready for your soulmate when God brings him to you. You will not think yourself unworthy of him. It is then that you will be ready... (continue reading)

Encouragement For My Future Wife


Woman of God, I give you encouragement because that is what I desire to do. I give you these words of encouragement. Whisper these words to your soul. Whisper them softly with smiles I am great. I have strength from God. I rise. I live now. I am one with God. My heart fills with eternal love. My light brightens. I see. Love is now. I grow my heart to receive life from the fountain of love. I am my spirit. I allow eternal love to comfort my soul. Peace illumianates my inside. I am clothed in the... (continue reading)

Letter To My Future Wife


You may ask yourself why you're going through these hard times. These hard times are your testimony of faith. Be faithful to God. Your faith in God causes His blessings to flow into your life. When His blessings flow, you receive strength. You gain the strength to love. Do not doubt God. Doubt cuts your faith. When your faith is cut, the flow of blessings will cease. This will cause you to lose strength within yourself. So never doubt God. Always trust Him. Believe God will do what He has... (continue reading)

Proposed Solution to Lack of Communication: Reform the Discussion Process


The solution to the lack of communication is to have good communication. But the question is How do we communicate with each other? In order for two people to solve problems, they39;ve got to have discussions. How those discussions are conducted plays a vital part in how the relationship unfolds.I now propose a solution to the communication problem. This proposal lies in 5 steps, each of which must be followed accordingly and simultaneously.STEP ONE The volume of our voices should be soft... (continue reading)