Yoi_boi_Twan is like...."I just want somebody I can kick it wit and who will just keep it "Real wit me" is that tooo....much 2 ask fo - June 30, 2009 add/view comments (0)

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    November 14, 2007

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    Dothan, AL

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    Black/African American

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(1.) I just wanna say, "I thank God" for allowing me to be here on this day. All that I am, is what he has allowed me 2 be; I thank him 1st and foremost.
(2.) Next, I wanna say "I love my family" thanks 4 being there 4 me every time I needed U, I promise I'm gonna make sure ya'll get well taken care of.
(3.) Now, its finally on me..lol, but me I'm just ME, I love 2 have fun (act a fool most of the time), tell lil crazy jokes, play ball, and 2 do anything that makes me smile (or others smile lol).
(4.) Even though I can be a fool sometimes, I definitely know the rite time 2 be serious. I know what I want in life and I "will" do anything to achieve it (legal anything lol).
(5.) I also write a lil bit (poetry that kind of stuff) but don't think I'm soft or nothing like dat lol.
(6.) But I can't get into everything about me because I would be on here Way 2 long..lol but if anything else anyone would like 2 know, no homo stuff, (SERIOUSLY!!! NO HOMO STUFF!!)
(7.)But I'm just me, I don't try 2 be anyone else but me :) and I like making new friends whenever possible so don't be afraid 2 stop by and say wats hannin, and if anything else just ask.

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