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    March 14, 2008

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    Young Ugly

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    York, PA

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    Black/African American

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personal message

Young Ugly A.K.A. Question 360. Back on Blackplanet.COM It's been a while but i'm still the same Ol G. Still looking 4 a beautiful hard working woman . Please no Bytches, Broke Hoez, or Toads I dont want a woman that everybody calls Young Ugly Thats my nick-name. (LOL)

A little about me.
I'm 5'8 and 175lbs and I like to drink so I work out when I have time for it. (Not a joke its the truth.) I have a job and a hustle neither concern you so don't worry about my pockets. I love jesus, my momma, my children, my brothers, and sisters, 110 Proof Vodka, my life, my freedom, my hood, money. I have had my ups and downs but for the most part I have enjoyed all the expirences life has give me. I have been a straight A student and a nieghborhood nightmare. LOL!!!. I have two children Nevaeh Tnes, and Mahsid Kahlil they mean the world to me (ages 1 and 7) My life is changing in a good way and for that I am truly blessed (People like me very rarely get a second chance, and i'm going to make the best of it). I have been married and divorced had good and bad relationships, I've stood on the coldest corner and sold crack, and held high positions of power in the profesional arena, just looking for the opportunity to meet that special wonam to spend my life with. If you check out my profile and your interested hit me up.

2 all of the beautiful ladies of The Planet

If you like my page leave a note or sign my guestbook and I promise I will contact you as soon as possible but if I check out ur page and am not interested or or at least slightly courious i might not hit u back.( but if for nothing else respect me 4 my honesty) Im a very different when it comes to choosing a woman 4 a friend and they must have a certian beauty about them in order 4 me 2 engage in the beginning stages of a relationship(if u must know I was speaking of inner beauty cause my momma TOLD ME EVERYTHING THAT LOOKS GOOD AINT GOOD and lord knows that is the truth.) But a physical attraction is needed to spark my couriousity.

2 all the chicken head hatin @$$ hoez

Please no bull$hi+ @$$ messages claming ur my babies momma and u need money cuz i'm not that Nigga. I Take Care of my Kids. (no disrespect intended but if the shoe fits wear it)

2 the 1's I Love

Thank You 4 your support and luv, ya'll held me down and close to ur hearts when I was locked up(real love is unconditional and now i really know what that means)

2 my momma,

Without you where would I be. I Luv U Momma thank you 4 the sleepless nites u spent prayin God would save me and spare my life (even when we both know i didnt deserve it.)

Dukie C (a.k.a.) Duke(B.K.A.) Young Ugly J.R.

My little Brother, U R Jus like me, and we both know why. I love u little bro, stay tru cuz and keep rappin(one day we gonna look back a our lives and laugh at this $hi+

Last but not least my Children.

Mahsid my one and only son you are my heart and soul, Daddy loves you so much even if ur stank @$$ momma is impregnated by my own fuccin brother and now u will have a new sister and a cousin but i will disect it 4 u better when ur old enough 2 understand or withstand this type of information.

Navaeh my beautiful baby girl, I love you so very much and pray you continue to be healthy and grow to be a strong black woman like ur Maw Maw and ur Super Hero Mother.

Ashley J. & Shataira J. my 2 lovley (adopted) daughters love ya'll and I will always B there 4 you if u need me call and i'll be there.

Anyone forgotten dont be upset just know i'm very busy and dont take it personal.

Holla at ya boy Young_Ugly.

Ps: Please Dont leave me notes complaining about my page cause guess what if u dont like it %#&@$! ya eat a %#&@$! and die slow cause this is my page u can leave just click the X in the upper right corner Peace




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