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    November 30, 2007

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    Grand Rapids, MI

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    Black/African American

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Yo.. what'z good BP! I thought since it was the new year I would change somethings on my page cuz it was getting kinda old!! I'm still the same.. just another year has passed... another year I've grown.. I've learned.. I've become more wise!!! Anywayz.. the name is Zee.. 19 yrz old.. a fulltime student going to school to be a teacher!! I am a young and beautiful independent person.. seeing my page.. might make you want to contact me.. I know.. I'd contact me too...ROTFL! I'm not conceited.. I just got a reason.. so don't stunt on me cuz you know you wanna talk to me..HAHA.. BUT sorry to say.. don't bother.. I'm NOT looking to meet anyone over the internet.. you can be sweet.. real... sexy.. about your business.. BUT.. I'm still NOT interested.. I don't mean to come off as a B.. I'm just trying to keep it real cuz you deserve that and that's how I am.. plus I am a muslim and I practice my religion so I'm not interested in anyone that is outside my religion and plus even if I was interested in wasting my time in a relationship or talking to someone that isn't going to go NOWHERE.. that special spot has already been taken cuz I realized that I never had to look.. he was alwayz in front of me soo.. sorry fellaz!!!! I have learned that partying and having fun when you're young is good.. BUT you also gotta learn to grow up.. I have a very grown up person mentality so I know it's about that time that I focus on my future and make all my hopes and dreams come true.. I'm done with all that stuff... time to make things happen.. start of the year right!! I am a very focused person and I go after what I want and what makes me the happiest and right now.. school is the single most important thing in my life besides my family.. I also love children very much.. NO.. I'm not a mother yet.. but children are my passion.. There isn't anything I wouldn't do to see a smile on every kids face.. but since I know that's NOT possible.. I'm going to do the best I can.. Anywayz.. I'm unlike any girl yaw ever met cuz I'm drama free.. real with mine.. alwayz true.. alwayz there.. know what I want outta life and know to to get it without asking anyone... I am independent and I work for EVERYTHING I have.. I don't run to my parents and I look to NO guy for support.. I'm not helpless.. I know how to work and get paid just like any niga out here.. you aint better than me... believe that! 09 is real and I could care less if you think I'm a stuck up arrogant B... The truth is the truth and like I said.. Real all day long... GET LIKE ME!!! !! -Live ur Life 4 U-N-I'll Live Mine 4 Me- Anywayz..I'm outtie!!! 3hugz2kissez1luv ~*Zee*~

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