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    Friends, Casual Dating, Networking, Serious Dating

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    May 25, 2010

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    Dayton, OH

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    Black/African American

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Who am I? Who am I? My name is Anthony Hopkins and I am originally from Dayton, Ohio. Although this is my hometown, but I have to recite that I have lived here for a period of time. I lived in the Charlotte, NC area for over 12 years. Although I am only visiting here trying to resolve issues with my own family, but it appears that these issues will never get resolved. It is time to move on!!! It is time for me to get the hell out of this town and move somewhere where people appreciate me for the person that I am. Anyway, back to the subject at hand, who am I? I am an honest, truthful, peaceful, kind, respectful, nature loving, and I am concerned about family. Family is very important to me, especially if you have one of your own. In my own family of origin, there is a dysfunctional form of behavior that I have to give directly to God. The so called friends as well as those women that I had been involved in relationships with, I have given all of this to God. It is God and Jesus Christ that I am totally giving all of these issues to. It is the Power of Prayer that changes things each day. Prayer can directly change things for anyone who is willing to give all to God. I am also intelligent, studious, giving, an animal lover, and one who believe that animals and nature heals people. Just by spending time outside and allowing the rays of the sun to touch you each day, it has healing benefits. The environment itself as well as the animals inside of it, has a great deal of benefits. This is true because it is a whole lot better than relying on medication. This in itself will heal you to the point that it will sooth your soul. For those who refuse to understand me personally, nor take the time to fully understand me for the person that I am, it is your fault. This means that you had an agenda that was already different than mine. This means that you and I were never on a level playing field anyway. This applies to anyone as well as those who are literally player haters. This is the real truth!!! I am the type of the person who will tell you directly to your face how I feel about you. No matter whether you like it or not, it is your choice. If another person's opinion offends you, then I am really sorry. I am going to keep it totally real!!!! I am action minded and concerned about civil rights and liberties. I am also all about diversity and equality for everyone. I am also a person who is for women's rights and the issues that they are concerned about. This is the truth because if a man respects his parents, then he will respect his female spouse or significant other. If a man is concerned about children as well as his own siblings, nieces, and nephews, then he is totally concerned about family. I am very sorry that I have been underestimated as a person, but this is not my fault. This means that others had been jealous, discontent, and emotionally suppressed themselves. I am a person that will let everything out of my mouth. I will tell you how I feel no matter whether others like it or not. I have always been outspoken, opinionated, but not loquacious. I am a person who enjoys religious services. I am also a person who loves and respects culture. I respect diversity to the utmost!!! I enjoy reading, writing, using the computer, traveling, and spending time with the one's that appreciates me fully. If anyone has a problem with me, I will listen to you directly in your face. I will also respect your opinion. I do not like to argue!!!! I will debate with you in a peaceful manner. If a debate gets to out of hand, I will shake your hand, and tell you to have a nice day. I just find that people have never taken the time out to listen to me anyway. This is not my fault. This is the fault of the other person. This means that you are bearing emotional baggage from your past and present that you are not dealing with in a constructive manner. This applies to those who live inside of their own deceit. If you are deceptive and enjoy telling lies all of the time, then I will pray for you, but I have to leave. I cannot allow a person who has a corrupt way of living to disrupt my lifestyle and my way of living. I am a private person. I am also a person who does not take any mess from anyone. This means that your life is completely disrupted with chaos and disasters. Chaos and disasters is something that I am trying to avoid right now. I am a direct person who will go directly to the source as well as the horse's mouth to deal with the problem. Therefore, it is time to keep it real because I am going to tell you how I truly feel. If women have a problem dealing with someone like me who is direct and straight to the point, then please stay your corrupt self away from me. I am keeping it real!!! This is who I am as a real person. This applies to both men and women who have a tendency to player hate and live inside of the past. I cannot live your life and mine simultaneously. Stay true to yourself and learn how to remove your head out of you, body and smell reality!!!! I am very bold and brave!!!! I am also one who will gain all of the facts to each and every story. Everyone will have to show me better than you can tell me!!!!!! I like to research and gain information because this is what I am. I am a researcher and a fact finder myself. I also like to tell others things well in advance before they get into their own troubles about life and its consequences. If you deal with consequences and repercussions, you cannot say that I did not tell you in advance!! Stay true and keep it real all right!!!! I am a person who will stand up for myself at all times. Remember to always look me directly inside of my face and tell me exactly how you literally feel about me. I am one who is in control of my life and I also know how to get things done immediately. I am action-minded and there are others who do not like it. I frankly do not care if others do not like an action minded person. However, this is what I am. Action minded, politically correct, and one who gains all of the facts to all problems before I make an assessment. I respect women and the issues that they are facing. I am one who listens very well. I am happy to be the person that I am. All of the player haters, please stay out of my mix!!!!! I will help you to the utmost!!!! As long as you are honest and truthful and come directly to my face and tell me how you are feeling, then you will be all right with me. Tell me what is on your mind and be truthful about it. I do not hide from anyone. If I cannot hide from God, why should I hide from mankind!!!!!! Mankind is foolish by underestimating me because this means that you had never had a real chance to get to know me for who I am as a real person. This is the truth because there are a lot of jealous men and women who enjoy living inside of lies and deceit. They do not have a real life on their own. These people would prefer to live in the past and disrupt the lives of others. I am one who will never disrupt you life and others because you are trying to live your own life to the fullest. Therefore, you can meet me online or come directly to my face and be real truthful. I will reveal everything about myself to you as long as you do the same. Be truthful and do not entertain lies and deception. Games are for kids and not for mature adults. This is a fact and not fiction. Remember, if anyone who enjoys hacking me because I have the name of a famous actor. I have to say this because I have been a victim of identity theft and fraud in the past, and these have been not apprehended. There are others who are on the run and are still stealing information from others. I tell anyone, be honest and truthful and come directly to my face if you have a real problem with me. Sincerely, Anthony Hopkins PS: Keep it real and truthful and you will feel really good about yourself. Never hide from God and yourself. If you cannot say anything good about someone, please do not say anything at all. Sincerely, Anthony Hopkins< Rest and Relaxation This is a report on what it really means to gain rest and relaxation. What does it mean to gain rest and relaxation? This is taking the load off from having a stressful day or a day where demands are high. This is also a time to lie down and allow the body to rest and adjust. Do you know that when you are relaxed, you feel 100% better? Your body feels just right. This is also a time when everything that pertains to your five senses is well in sync. You are able to see, hear, smell, touch and taste better. This is also a time when you are less stressed but extremely blessed. When you wake up in the morning and see, smell, hear, breathe, touch, taste, walk, and your extremities move, you are blessed. This means that you are a living soul. It is really nice to know that all of God's Children are able to become ultimately blessed to live to see another day. We as God's Children are supposed to love each other and to share in the delight of His Deeds. God wants His children to help those who are not able to help themselves. Relaxation on the other hand is when you are not stressed out from going to work or engaging in any stressful activities. For instance, watching television and taking a nap is very important. When a person is relaxed, they are allowing your body to heal itself without the use of medication. A person can allow God and Human Nature to assist in the rest and relaxation process.

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Female, Age Private, Andalusia, AL

Posted May 26, 2013

Thank you for the friend request. I am wonderful!! I hope you are also feeling well.

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