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    April 27, 2004

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The New Black Women does not need a man .. (Atlanta, GA) The New Black Woman does not need a man in the same way her grandmother did. She is mandated to revise her methods and laws of engagement when dealing with black men in order to completely empowering herself. Seventy-percent of black women are single and most feel helpless in trying to demand more in a potential suitor. The fact remains that the old concepts of romantic relationship are archaic and DO NOT WORK ANYMORE! J. Thurman, author of The Man-You-All (A Guide to Save Black Women Time, Money & Energy) has caused a tipping point with this candid look at preemptively stopping the mistakes in the black woman's relationship with men.

J.Thurman is a controversial author that has lashed out at the idea of gender roles in Black America. There are men that MAN-ipulate a woman's hope of gaining something sacred and holy, for sport. Who is to blame? The Man-You- All wants to evoke answers at the core of the matter, choice to get a new generation of black woman to question their relationship protocols. The problem is choice and who is truly making choices for black women. The Man -You- All has struck a chord with women who are beautiful and broken.

J. Thurman is a wonderful writer, not only shedding light on the current state of black women but also evoking thoughts and transforming old ideas of womanhood into a new found power. Every woman alive should read this book.

--Kamilah L. Long, Professor

Interviewer: Why did you write "The Man-You-All"?

J. Thurman: I wrote The Man-You-All, at first, to answer all the repetitive questions that my female friends had about men. Then, I found out that they really didn't have real truthful intelligent answers and /or the men they were talking to continuously lied to them. I wanted the challenge to see if we could solve the problem of reexamining how woman look at relationships with men.

Interviewer: Why is The Man-You (A Guide toSave Black Women Time Money & Energy-All different from other relationship books?

J. Thurman: "The Man-You-All" is not a relationship book. It is an introduction into a whole new way of thinking through developing workshops and partnerships to EMPOWER black women. It was conceived out of my passion for black women and my overstanding that abiding with the same old ways of "sticking it out" and "toughing it out" have gotten beautiful black women's life taken away too early. This happens because they don't think they have options and have been lied to for too long. Choice is what The Man-You-All is about, questioning old ideas about relationship with men is what The Man-You-All is about, empowerment is what The Man-you-All is about and looking within for answers is what The Man-You- All period, no gimmicks. That is the difference.

Interviewer: Why do think that you, as a man, are qualified to write The Man-You-All?

J. Thurman: I hope people see beyond questions of gender in reference to authenticity and validity of the content in The Man-You-All and see this as an opportunity for us to start a new cultural movement of independent thinking. I am a by product of this way of the traditional thinking about relationships, which is at the heart of the generational curse that affect the African American family.

Interviewer: Thank you, and good luck!

Author Biography: A native of Chicago, J. Thurman uses his experience as a researcher, educator, published author and student of life to bring forth an offering that will start the movement to redefine the ideas of relationships. He is a graduate of Southern University A&M Baton Rouge, LA and lives in Atlanta, GA.

Media Contact: J.Thurman - Zodok Publishing (404) 549-8566

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