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What is the missing element for unity in the African-American community??

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The quiet before the storm....


It's been awhile since I last post a blog. I have been really busy doinglife. But it's been all good. Hello BP family. I thought perhaps we could get it started again. It was really fun the last time I did this, and the results were phenomenal.'s awfully quiet on the campaign trail. I would like to hear from some of the BP family. Tell me what you think is happening in this campaign between Mitt Romney and Our President? I mean there are very little ads in comparison in 2008. It makes... (continue reading)

Obama as President - tell us about how you see the change coming?


Obama is setting a new stage and hes a hard act to follow. Obama's charisma is stronger then a rock star, Obama, a President who reaches across the table and invites anyone who has the experience to assist in the redeveloping of this country and its economy despite party affiliation.I am here in the DC area now, what are you kidding; I happen to have the ability to go where I feel I need to be and I tell you, I have lived in these parts for 8 years and there is definitely a different feel... (continue reading)

Read you know!


Dear Tonita,A new report in The Nation1 documents what many have claimed for years for some Black New Orleanians the threat of being killed by White vigilantes in Katrina's aftermath became a bigger threat than the storm itself. After the storm, White vigilantes roamed Algiers Point shooting and, according to their own accounts, killing Black men at will with no threat of a police response. For the last three years, the shootings and the police force's role in them have been an open secret to... (continue reading)

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Male, 50, East Orange, NJ

Posted July 08, 2014

My Friend merry told me about these tabs CNN that make your magic stick much bigger, I want to tell the world I am living proof this stuff works, been on it for 32 so far, not only am I longer but much thicker too. Here is the link to the report about it


Male, 28, Bronx, NY

Posted July 11, 2013

check out my video below. This video is about
me living with my sickness (Systemic Lupus with 'Kidney Disease' Nephritic Syndrome)
from almost dying; to now being focused on achieving greatness with the help from God. =XlPnFsJ8pXA

Watch my video: Surviving My Sickness & Living Life At The Same Time... =OSyes1eS4NY

Please read HISTORY on


Male, Age Private, Union, NJ

Posted December 26, 2012

Merry Merry Christmas to you. May you have a Blessed Day.

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WOW 2014... and we have a lot to look back on for the year 2013.
I would like for you to take the time and reflect upon the life changing situations that are happening around you everyday.
I'm BACK on BP...
Had to take some time for myself-BUT I promise that I have something for you
and an explanation for my time away from BP.

Please keep in touch and definitely stay tuned to this page - I have something great coming...
and I would  like all of you to be a part of.

About me

I have experienced many things in life...right family and friends? I am blessed to have found my passion and purpose. However, no experience in life is more insightful than the writing of my first book. Each day I write, I'm challenged to explain the denouement of my experiences in a way my future readers can grasp and comprehend.

I tell my family and friends-daily...this is the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. If it hasn't taught me anything, it has attributed to my character-convincingly. I strongly believe our stories of triumph and defeat is necessary to build our African-American communities.

Not everything you create will be a masterpiece, but you get out there and you TRY and sometimes it really happens. The other times youre just stretching your soul.

Dr. Maya Angelou

It is one of the tragedies of life that one cannot have all the wisdom one is ever to possess in the beginning. Perhaps, it is just as well to be rash and foolish for a while. If writers were too wise, perhaps no books would be written at all. It might be better to ask yourself Why afterward than before. Anyway, the force from somewhere in space which commands you to write in the first place, gives you no choice. You take up the pen when you are told, and write what is commanded. There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside you.

Zora Neale Hustron from Dust Tracks on the Road

In literature, fiction is prized for many reasons. Pauline E. Hopkins, a leading writer of the early twentieth century, explained its role in her 1900 work, Contending Voices: Fiction is of great value to any people as a preserver of manners and customs -religious, political, and social. It is a record of growth and development from generation to generation. No one will do this for us; we must ourselves. From Contending Voices

After it's all been said and done...I now feel privileged to have experienced life in such a way, that I have been coined as a heroine and a pioneer. However, it is my deepest pleasure to write this book in honor of our Ancestors who fought the battle way... before me. It is such a driving force and I will not rest until my book is placed on a shelf aside the greatest achievers in life.

The achievers who wouldn't stop or lay their sword-pen down; but, solely focused on their belief. When Im finished and my story is told--the civil violators and the judiciary injustice that is practiced in this Country will need a face lift. I'm not trying to save the world, but change it ONE person at a time.

I want to thank each of you for taking the time (not to sound GRAND) to become a friend of mine. I seek no formal notice by this- it is my honor to have your support as a friend. It allows me to know everything that I have suffered for and through was worth it. If there is anything I can do to repay this little grain of kindness that takes shape of a mustard seed; feel free to let me know.








The Preamble to the Constitution grants certain basic rights to anyone living in America. Among them is justice, domestic tranquility, liberty to pursue our posterity. "A Soldier for Justice"; is the true story of courage, outrage and determination.

Tonita's story puts a human face on the political and judiciary system and shows how these principles are being violated. The abstract concepts of "Racism and Injustice"; are made concrete through the struggles of one person for equality. Tonita's story shows the double standard in the application of the Constitution in this country and how this country violates citizen's rights to life and liberty without any consequences.

This story is a [true] account of a Mother's brave struggle to save her children and community from being over-run by racist politics and policies. Her story dramatically illustrates the difference one person can make. She names politicians, county workers, police officers, judges of state and federal courts and holds them accountable for their actions.

You will discover what Tonita has known for a long time - that mayors, lawyers', judges and the police are often motivated by ignorance and self-interest. Tonita's experience will act as a road map to aid you in your own struggle. Of all the political or social books about the good one person can do, few are more timely or resonant than "A Soldier for Justice": A True Story. Professor's assessment; A Soldier for Justice"







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