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LIBRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I make it a point to be tactful and blunt in all my opinions....don't spare feelings but have compassion for those hurt..............respond immediately and affectionately to a friend........Demand respect as well as recipricate it....Pick my battles wisely.....I love fabulous things and people anything fascinating twirks my interest........silly and humorous about negative takes more muscles to frown then smile.......I love constructive critism it feeds motivation....... As a Companion I'm a passionate lover and simple touches arouse me............I'm balanced with lust and loyalty for my mate. Keep my appearance up to please his eye and use attentive care for the scent of me....Laugh at his jokes and give my honest opinion on his flaws. I choose my words correctly in a debate and visualize if the shoe was on the other foot...





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My son the next young BOBBY FISHER!!!

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Slackin( a poem by ME) Lol...


I know I've been slackin on my BP friends ... sharing time is overwhelming I've? been working not like I'm giving out kicks..All of my BP friends have something to offer and I appreciate everybody for showing their time... Please if it seems like I'm not showing affection drop me some words to turn my attention..Profiles and pics gives me an IDea of what life you choose to live...if your profile has no pics how can I give you a gift? .... don't hide when your on? my light is on!....charisma and... (continue reading)

Embracing Choices


I feel I've come across a lot of choices that may or may not been good for my life. I heard too many times the phrase a blessing in disguise. What does that really mean is it a cop out that the choice made was wrong or did it take time to embrace it.REGRET comes from bad choices without embracing them. I choose to embrace everything that comes across my path to form it to my life in a positive manner. An unplanned pregnancy without the father makes for the common phrase. Or choosing to stay in a... (continue reading)

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