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    May 14, 2001

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I`m originally from New Haven, ct now i live in Newark( with my brother we chill and have fun, we party on occasions and we know how to get it crackin.

Lately I have been hearing a whole lot of drama, bout ni99as aint this and ni99as aint that. So I decided to switch my page up a lil bit and being as though I have been in a quite a few relationships I think I have narrowed it down to what I want in a relationship. Some people call me petty and some people call me conceded, but whatever. I know what I want and I believe I deserve the best in a female and you deserve the same. So if you don't like a big man then you don't have to read this cause it don't concern you, But as for the ladies who do, or interested the rest of the page is dedicate to you. I have a 6-year-old daughter and I live by myself. I own a bakery in Wilmington and I had one in New Castle until we closed it to grow our New location I am a very hard working Dude. I work 6 days a week and im building my dream slowly but surely, So anyone that I meet and date and grow into love with, will have to grow and become a part of my vision and dream. Yes, I want to be wealthy and have the finer things in life, but I want a woman to share it with, So with that said here is a list of things that I like and don't:

Real Hair- Not a fan of Short Hair at least to the mid neck point .Not into tracks and Weaves (Micros are ok)

Pretty Feet- I don't have a fetish but If you going to wear sandals your feet should be pretty enough to look at

Nice teeth- Gaps are ok, but missing chipped in the front, NO BET, 1 on the side or in the back expected

Children- 1 maybe 2 but they have to be disciplined and over the age of 3. Nothing Worse than an undisciplined child (im a firm believer in Whooping)

Job Status- have to have a job, Don't care what you do as long as you aint laying around Waiting on a brutha to do something for you. (If you aint gonna do it why would I)

Living Status- Prefer a girl with her own crib, don't have to be a house, an apt. is cool But no baby daddies or ex-boyfriends with keys (LOL). If you live at home And you working towards your own then that is ok..
Attitude- Im happy everyday, wake up happy and go to bed happy. If you used to a Baller or some men of that nature, keep it movin. I aint got time to buy love (Been there done it, It works to the money get's short)

Drama- Don't like drama, if your baby dad or ex boyfriend is a SHOOTER (a ni99a who always talking bout shootin somebody) don't talk to me aint got time for no jealousy ish. Im to happy to die for you..

Finally ..

Future--- I want a nice size family maybe 3 kids a nice house and I want to be married Relationships aint always gonna be peaches and cream but I'll work with it.

I do fall in love quick if I see something in a person I feel is unique and may have been overlooked by the last lame dude who past up his opportunity at such person, But I turn my love off as quick as it comes if I feel things aint going right or you on some bullish. I will let you know before hand but hey if it don't change it aint gonna work,

I do like to have fun go bowling, shoot pool, movies, quite a ladies man If I do say so myself

CHECK OUT MY Bakery Page for your next event, Birthday, or Weddings at .

Looking to Move to THe Atlanta Georgia Area by the beginning of Fall... Need some new friends and Networking Contacts... Hit me uP!!

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