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    October 21, 2010

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    Ali Baba Heru

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    Master's Degree

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6/13/2014 Time to update this message. To many fake people on all social sites saying this and that and in reality don't do or want any of the things they speak on. I am single and had to be until my daughter was grown and finished with college. Now I can focus on other things a little more personal. I have dated enough so I don't care to date you because you are attractive but have ptsd from a previous marriage or relationship lol. I am seeking a business partner who is done raising children though I may can make an exception to this but only if I see you instill respect and discipline in your child's life. I honestly rather date women over 40 but due to a lack of common sense displayed by those in that age range as well as a disregard for healthy living, I don't think it is reasonable to look exclusively in that area. So if I happen to spark your interest let me know. I say this with no regret and no substitutes. If you take education via your actions , as a joke don't contact me unless it is for casual talk. If you have ink all over your body I won't be phased nor do I find that bamma style attractive. If I wasn't a private person I would post some notes I have gotten from several websites in which the women call themselves religious via their profiles but do everything against what their bibles and Qurans say. Comprehension needs to be stressed not reading. To read anything and not comprehend leads to errors. What's the deal with older men and women adopting the styles of gothic and racist groups when they previously attributed those same cultures to satanic cults and worship? I am just saying! I am rather simple I like to travel, eat good, and relax. If employment is an option to meet you keep moving I am good in my financial life so if you need a working man then I don't need you. Last time I checked working leads to bills which leads to being broke. Broke makes me break out in rashes lmaooooooooo just like ignorance makes me nausea. Be fine with a mind have time and drop a line prefer a dime! I must add that I have no trick in me so if you looking for Captain save a ho try the Disney channel. It is sad as a proud father of a daughter to see you mothers past down lowlifes aspirations to your daughters which has inspired them to become strippers and prostitutes and nothing else. Because it is all over I guess I suppose to say it's ok and I accept it? Never! If my words offend you then guess what? That's right you are one of the ones I speak about which gives you the right to move right along. Sane educated mothers who have tried to be loyal via having the same father to all of your children or married to the fathers please feel free to contact me.

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