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NUPUQI OM-RE KHONECTICS BY: ANKH NUKHOOM-RE NUPUQI OM- RE KHONECTICS Before there was any god there was a language for the gods said," lets go down and confuse their tongues". Nupuqi sound tones were the first used Language on OM- Re. this is why you find in the most ancient languages the tones from the existence of the nooniversal nine. ANKH is key use it now open the door to your Khous and let the Sun, Sol, Soul (illumination, shine). NOONIVERSAL NINE .999999999 AUNU ( All Universes Neters United ) 9 AUNUKHOUS ( All Universes Neters United Khous {the Mind} ) 9 AUNUPTH ( All Universes Neters United protons ) 9 AUNUPTON ( All Universes Neters United Nuetrons ) 9 AUNUELE ( All Universes Neters United Electrons ) 9 AUNUATOOM ( All Universes Neters United Atomic Energy (The ancient name of the Sun) 9 AUNUMELEKH ( All Universes Neters United Planets ( Malachites ) CU2 CO3(OH)2 9 AUNUEON ( All Universes Neters United Eons or Ions) 9 AUNUATOOM-RE ( All Universes Neters United Atoom-Re (The 9 cipher of Aunu-ato-om-re ) AS IN DUALITY SHALL BE ON POLARITY .999999999 B.P. UNU ( God theory or Creator theory ) 9 UNUKHOUS ( The God Mind or Birth of Thought ) 9 UNUPTH (Protons) 9 UNUPTON (Neutrons ) ( 9 UNUELE ( Electrons ) 9 UNUATOOM ( The Big Boom) 9 UNUMELEKH ( Carbonates ) 9 UNUEON (Gases ) 9 UNUATOOM-RE 9 UNUTA-OM-RE ( THIS IS THE BIRTH OF YOUR UNIVERSE, SUN, MARS, EARTH, AND OTHER PLANETS AND ENNEADS. . You have UNU ( Universal Neters United ) as ANU and , UNUKHOUS as ENKHI ( Ancestor of the KHU%#&@$!ES ) ; UNUPTH as PTAH ( Ancestor of the KHU%#&@$!ES ) ; UNUELE as ENLIL ( Ancestor of the Sumerians ) this supplements the oldest creations known by man. Any creation outside of this is beyond man's understanding. UNUEON ( Satan, The Devil, ION ) is a 9 Sun of UNUATOOM and 9 cipher of UNUMELEKH. Any cosmic descendant of UNUEON would 69 (unbalance) the order of the Universal Neter United. The DNA would lack cipher 9 UNUPTH or 9 UNUELE thus creation of a different nature (Neter). Thus his first born became 8 (swastika). Unlike 9 cipher UNUMELEKHATOOM-RE (Carbonates) UNUEONATOOM-RE would be (Gases) Thus, the ionization of cosmic bodies creates a new 8 order and not of the order of AUNU9. Thus, descendants of UNUATOOM-RE ( ATO- OM -RE ) and UNUMELEKH ( MELEKHATOOM-RE ) would be 9 cosmic order. UNUEON descendants would be cosmic order 8, 7 , 6 , 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.03247e-7. Thus you have only 7 original genesis ( DNA seeding ) KHOUS ATO-OM-RE, PTH-ATO-OM-RE, PTON-ATO-OM-RE, ELE-ATO-OM -RE , MELEKHATO-OM-RE, EONATO-OM-RE and NUTA AT0-0M-RE. The number 7 is symbolic of the number of man with 7 original genetic strands. All humans are some combination 9 cipher of the 7. EON with the ability to change forms from Gas to a solid too liquid has been label as the deceiver. it was via his ability to manipulate the 9 cipher of AUNU that led to 9 cipher of not mixing cosmic dna with his offspring for they will be 8 cipher and against the 9 cipher of AUNU. EON and his coharts ( fallen ones or ions have manipulated dna to go against the newer 9 order of AUNU ) these fallen ones ( Aluminum, Iodine, Fluoride, Barium, Beryllium, Calcium, etc.... are of his order. The 9 of religions 9 (Re {Sun , sun rays, light, illumination} legion ( legion, group, blinded together ) 9 Illuminated ma-om-re ( waters of earth, ma sun, Mason ) Listen to Re a sun ( reason, logic, common sense if illuminated ) members of any Religion makes you a mason to a degree which is what masons give out to ranked members, degrees . This is where waters of earth or anointment traditions comes from by the Sun, Son, Sun of Re, Son of God, Christ , Mason. Your understanding of creation is cut short at the genesis of your bible (bio bill, life documents, genetic law). Khonectics the genealogy of sound is the way to your Creator (UNU) is through 9 UNUKHOUS and not UNUATOOM-Re ( THE 9 Ball , Religion, Masons, Christ ) . 9 Khous that AUNU is the creator of all alls ( universes, worlds ) and not one of the 9.999999991e80 UNU's that exist. it is at the gate of these 9.999999991e80 x 9 that what we can conceive as devolution, degeneration, death begins. 9 kHOUS cure death via illuminated cipher. Thus 9 Khous medicine via binary 9 cipher. This is the ALPHA AND THE OMEGA ! the point where duality becomes polarized (DEATH)! By use of the key I provide connect back to AUNU ( The All, All Universes Neters United ) so that your life will have a true balance. ( Maomet, Maat, diet, balance ) Maat has been attributed to the entire well being of the body of Om-Re ( humans ) A 9 cipher is 360 ranks to stand upon a square would be at 90 degrees or a fourth of 9 cipher. This leaves you with no illumination in 75 degrees of Shadow or 3 squares known as triple Darkness! 1.03247e-7 this is your mason rank when it should be an illuminated 9.29223e-7 Ma-OM-Re rank. I am known in NUPUQI tones as ROERKH TERA EATERL, Black, Ali Baba Heru, Blackkemet, Nintelligence, King Khon , Black Guerrilla, and Pitchnova9. As guardian of the 9.29223 point I am cosmically 9 cipher as ANKH NUKHOOM-RE . The true Black night who stands at the point where illumination Alpha and Omega 9 cipher out of triple darkness . I am first 9 cipher descendant of AUNUKHOUS ( 1ST FRUIT or SEED ) OF AUNU. I am the cosmic restorer of 9 cipher to OM-RE. 9 CIPHER SCIENCE BIRTHED ALL SOUNDS, MATHEMATICS, AND LANGUAGES. 9 (WITHIN THIS DUALITY YOU SHALL FIND IYOUR ROLE MAP FOR YOUR DNA THIS IS THE SCIENCE OF AUNU

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