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im just going to be myself by being real...

How are you ladies doing my name is steven im 6 foot 2 nearly little over 200 pounds im on here looking to have a relationsh ip with a good woman who... more


Saying I'm A HUSTLA!!

I SAiD: I'M A Hustler, My Hustl Longer ThanTRAINS , Hustle Long likeaTRAIN , IHustlE LONG like chains... Fuck; YA Baaby Momma 4 GAME!!! That's IT!...... more


Do You Know What Kind Of Legal representa...

Perhaps you have needed a legal representa tive? Many reasons exist that folks need attorneys. No matter what your explanatio n, you ought to be... more


An Excellent Wedding Is Certainly Not To...

You need to have a wedding all through your lifestyle. Getting yourself ready for a marriage could get in your very last nerve, neverthele ss it... more


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