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First of all I would like to make clear that I am not writing this to be thrown a pity party or to get a bravo tap on the shoulder,but because it feels good to let it all out and to encourage people,even though it took me quite some courage to sum all my thoughts up and post them here.Yes I've dropped a few bits and pieces of information but never the whole story.I don't know about you but I personally was called a weakminded little white girl or other expressions meaning the same before... (continue reading)

Happy Mothers Day to all Moms out there!


If I could give you diamondsfor each tear you cried for me,if I could give you sapphiresfor each truth you've helped me see,if I could give you rubiesfor the heartache that you've known,if I could give you pearlsfor the wisdom that you've shown.Then you'll have a treasure,Mother,that would mount up to the skies,that would almost matchthe sparkle in your kind and loving eyes.But I have no pearls,no diamonds,as I'm sure you're well aware.So I'll give you gifts more preciousMy devotion,love and... (continue reading)

Merry xmas!!!


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"Rules for being human"


1You will receive a body.You may like it or hate it,but it's the only thing that you're sure to keep for the rest of your life.2You will learn lessons.You are enrolled in a fulltime informal school named life on planet earth.Every person or incident is the universal teacher.3There are NO mistakes,only lessons.Growth is a process of experimentation.Failures are as much a part of the process as success.4A lesson is repeated until learned.It is presented to you in various forms until you learn it... (continue reading)

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Just sharing a laugh or 2 with you.I know Chuck Norris jokes aren't new but hey they're still funny Feel free to share any if you got more Chuck Norris jokes heheEnjoy! (continue reading)

2 truths and a lie

Two of these are true about me. No joke. Which one's the lie? Take a guess...

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 beyoutiful1086 on Instagram

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Hi,hola,bon jour and guten Tag,everyone :-) Thanks for stopping by and visiting my piece of the planet.

My name is Isabell.I'm a 28 years lady from and in Germany(born,raised and still living there).

Now that you're on my profile I hope you will not just take a look at my photos but also read what I have to say. If you just stick to the photos...YOUR loss.I'm a versatile woman with many qualities.


I'm going to anwer the most asked questions right here .


Where do I live? As I mentioned before I live in Germany.In Grafenwöhr to be exact.That's in Bavaria or Bayern as we call it. :) 



Do I have any kids? No,and apparently that surprises people. My motto has always been to make my husband my baby daddy and not conversely. If one day I meet the right man and we have a stable relationship, there is still time to have kids.


What am I here for? For the most part to meet interesting people to talk to.If you are interested in stimulating conversation(not just small talk) feel free to hit me up. Make sure you approach me in a respectful manner.Respect is a 2 way street.You have to behave and present yourself in a respectful manner in order to be respected by others.I'd prefer to be addressed with my name aka Isabell rather than "Shorty", "Sexy" or whatever is "in" these days. I am also an amateur/hobby model,so if you're a photographer and would like a photo shoot feel free to hit me up with details.

As far as relationship status I am happily involved.


I for intelligent,intellectual,intri guing,irresistible and indestructable


S for suave,sophisticated,sensual,sp ecial,spectacular,survivor & sweet


A for alluring,amazing,agnostic,ador able,affectionate & amusing


 B for beautiful,bewitching,balanced, brilliant & book worm


E for entertaining,emotional,enchant ing,enthusiastic & epitomizing REAL women


L for loving,loyal,ladylike & literate



L for lovable,linguist,low-key,lumin escent & LIBRA


Other than that I'm down to earth,mature with a sense of humor,a bit of a nerd and dork,animal and nature lover.Material things/wealth don't impress me.It's more things that money can't buy that excite me and I will judge you by who you are & how you treat others rather than by what you wear,own,drive or do for a living (I myself work as an armed security guard).I also consider myself an intellectual. That's me at my best.At my worst I'm melancholy,have my insecure moments,pessimistic and stubborn.As you can see I'm aware of my strengthes AND weaknesses.Nobody is perfect... right? :-)






My hobbies & interests: For fun I love to travel and see sites, cook and bake, read-preferably crime novels-,listen to music,take photos,cook,swim,play video games(I looove SIMS & Guitar Hero),watch a good movie,sit back and have a glass of wine or Captain Morgan Coconut & Coke(Capt'n & Coke) or take part on discussions in my groups on BP.Feel free to check them out by the way. :-) I'm not a party animal at all.You hardly every find me in the club.I rather have fun at home.Other things that fascinate me are languages-I speak German,English,French and Spanish myself- and forensic medicine.In general I'm open to new cultures & things.








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My likes: Some things I like are courage,honesty,open minded people who share some of my interests,cats,crime novels,nature, culture,good food & sunshine




My dislikes: I can't stand liars,disrespectful people,ignorance including racism,fake people and drama kings and queens.


Favorite... I listen to pretty much anything,except for hardcore techno,classical music and most folklore.


...color:Purple Thai,Italian,French,Mexican,Ge rman,Greek,Chinese,
French and I like,Sushi,too




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I'm a LIBRA lady.Poudly repping my sign.Take a look at how we libras roll!



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Male, Age Private, Davenport, IA

Posted December 01, 2017



Male, 51, Detroit, MI

Posted June 09, 2016

Loved your Intro Dear, your a very complex and interesting Woman. β˜ΊπŸ˜‰


Male, 31, Saint Paul, MN

Posted September 16, 2014

Thanks for the friend add beautiful....


Male, 40, Syracuse, NY

Posted September 03, 2014

*~Thanks For The Request Isabell~*

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