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Welcome! ORGANO GOLD The healthy Organic Coffee with GANODERMA LUCIDUM Turning coffee into Gold Benefits why MLM programs are great BUSINESS I'd like to share 10 key benefits why MLM programs are great businesses. 1. Small amount of risk: There is a certain amount of inherited risk involved when you become an entrepreneur. We are confronted with losing money, wasting time, not being in profit right away, etc. In a traditional brick and mortal business, the startup cost associated with opening that business is what holds many people back from becoming the creators of their own destiny. People do not like risk and try to avoid it by all means. We'd like a "guaranteed bet" and stay within "our safe zone". In business, you don't eliminate risks you learn to minimize them. The advantage of starting an MLM Program is that there is a small risk to get started. With a couple of hundred dollars, it is possible to get started with a company of your choice, marketing products that you consume already. The amount of financial commitment is insignificant compared to that of traditional business. 2. A huge demand for good quality products: There are a myriad of network marketing companies that promote very good products. If I were considering a company to get involved with, I would always ask myself: * Would I still consume these products/services if there were no opportunity to market them? * Do these products bring any benefits to a consumer besides the opportunity to make money? * Would I bring "value" to my customers if they consume these products? Every business needs repeat customers. Distributors only get paid when they have consumers for their products and when these customers continue that consumption, then that creates the money flow. 3. Residual income: I am sure that you pay your gas, your electricity, and your phone bill every single month. These are the types of services that for the most part provide an ongoing stream of residual income for these companies. The greatest advantage of an MLM Program is that it gives you an opportunity to enjoy residual income just like those companies do. When the initial effort of getting a new customer is completed, you can enjoy the residual part of that business relationship. We are so used to trading our time for wedges that we often times don't see the potential residual income of an MLM Affiliate Program. By direct selling your products, you can also claim your share of the residual income pie. 4. The income potential: There is no cap on how much money you can generate. In my corporate jobs, my big limitation was that regardless how hard I worked for these companies; my income was tied to a "market standard" for someone with my skills. In an MLM Program, that's not the case. It is up to you to decide how much you want to earn. An MLM company doesn't hold you back in the same way the corporate environment does. As long as you have the skills set of a trained network marketer, you make whatever income based on your stamina, dedication, and your willingness to help others. The skills set is key. Once you trained yourself to become a marketer, you can market anything you choose and generate that income you seek. 5. No employees to hire: By far, this is a clear advantage over traditional businesses. An mlm affiliate program is a business of people independently working together. Without any employees, it's possible to build a business right from home. This industry gives you that added benefit, be in business without employees concerns, by having a network of independent business owners working together towards a common goal. 6. No inventory: Traditionally Network Marketing companies would have distributors stack up on inventory. This concept alone has given the industry a bad wrap for years. However, modern companies do capitalize on the technology and tools we have in place. We have: Internet Telephony The Internet Drop Shipping Ability Consumer Leads Conference Lines Web Conference High Speed Internet Access Not having to inventory products will make your business more agile to any market condition. 7. Low operating Costs: The network marketing model makes possible to run a business at low costs compared to any other business model. This is where your upline's support should come in. A good upline mentor should allow you to piggyback on his expertise, on his knowledge, on his leads, and help you generate the funds to pay off your initial investment and get in profit early in the life of your business. 8. Leverage: Your MLM Program is a: people business business of appointments business of helping consumers find what they have the need for business of helping others create businesses. You reap the rewards by leveraging the efforts of those you help. This develops a collective mindset that promotes "win-win" relationships. 9. Portability: With the advent of technology, we can do today what distributors 15 years ago could not do and that's to make our business portable. We now have a phone technology that allows you to take your telephone and move it anywhere you like transparently to your customers. As long as you have access to the Internet via DSL or Cable, you can take your computer, your phone, and continue doing business while you are on the road, on vacation, or visiting relatives whether that be in another city or another country! 10. The attainable freedom: Imagine having a productive business in network marketing providing you with a lifestyle that only the rich and famous enjoy. When all the pieces are in place, the life of a marketer can be very fulfilling indeed. That's the dream every new distributor chases and it is only attainable when there is a clear understanding of how to get there and when your marketing skills are sharp. It is not just the money, but the fulfillment of a lifestyle that makes an MLM Affiliate Program the best business to get in and your skills is what make it happen, period! We have all heard that coffee is bad for our health and have negative effect on our body. What if I told you that coffee can actually be good for you? ORGANO GOLD coffee now revolutionizes your entire coffee experience. ORGANO GOLD coffee is substantially lower in caffeine than commercially processed decaf coffees, yet gives you all the rich flavor and even more energy than fully-caffeinated coffee. it improves your sleep, balance your PH, increase oxygen to your brain, help balance your weight, remove toxins from your body, and boost your overall health so efficiently that you can feel the benefits almost immediately. This coffee is grown and processed organically without the use of chemicals, pesticides, hormones or artificial fertilizers. With every cup you drink, you can feel better and realize increasing health benefits with a really great taste. What makes Organo Gold Coffee a pick above the rest? It's our main ingredient; GANODERMA LUCIDUM "The King of Herbs" Organo Gold Organic Coffee with 100 Percent premium certified Organic Ganoderma Spore Powder Extract. 100 Percent premium Organic Ganoderma Coffee What is Ganoderma Lucidum? Ganoderma Lucidum is the scientific name for a species of red mushroom that has been cultivated on Plantation and grown wild in Asia for thousands of years. For over 4000 years GANODERMA LUCIDUM has been recognized by Chinese medical professionals as the highest ranked of all herbs found in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. The Chinese name for GANODERMA is LINGZHI, means "spiritual Potency". The Japanese name for GANODERMA is Reishi and is regarded as the KING OF HERBS. Dr.Shi-Jean Lee, the most famous Chinese medical doctor of the Ming Dynasty, strongly endorse the effectiveness of GANODERMA in his famous book, Ban Chao Gang Moo ("Great Pharmacopoeia"). He stated that the "long-term taking of GANODERMA (Reishi) (Lingzhi) will build a strong, healthy body and assure a long life." Ganoderma contains more than 200 active elements that are known to improve health. Below is a few that modern science is currently focusing on: Polysaccharides: Strengthen the body's immune system Balance blood sugar level and improves pancreatic functions Protects against degeneration of skin cells and eliminates dead surface cells which improves skin texture and reduce the appearance of aging Controls destruction of healthy cells throughout the body Elimates accumulated toxins Organic Germanium: Increase oxygen in the blood system Reduce fatigue and increase vitality Strengthens the immune system Increase the metabolism Contains an abundance of anti-oxidants that control or inhibit damaging free radicals (free radicals are a major source of cell degeneration, cancer and aging). Assists our body's natural ability to fight cancer. Adenosine: Reduces cholesterol and body fat Helps to unclog arteries plugged with fatty deposits, and supports liver function Balance the metabolic rate and boots energy Prevents fragmentation of platelets which can cause blockages in the circulatory system Triterpenoid: Fortifies and improves the digestive system Inhibits allergies, relieves sinus congestion and help with respiratory problems Above are some of the benefits; Plus, the scientific documented research on the effect of Ganoderma Lucidum on Cancer cells, HIV, Diabetes, and Blood Pressure is amazing. Ganoderma has no serious known side effects. you can read more about Ganoderma Lucidum on the National Medical Library Publication website Their main ingredient has more than 321 published scientific and medical reports totaling more than 46,000 pages that you can access. Regular Coffee vs Organo Gold Ganoderma Healthy Coffee Regular coffee: dehydrates Very acidic ( pH of 5.5) Rises stress levels in the body (can increase production of stress hormone cortisol in the body). Coffee jitters, withdrawal symptoms and caffeine crash Has approximately 135 mg of caffeine Organo Gold Ganoderma Healthy Coffee; Rehydrates Balance pH level (pH of 7.4, alkaline) Natural detoxification Strengthens and boost immune system Oxygenates the body and increase brain power, focus and concentration Provides energy and boosts stamina Improve blood circulation Improve quality of sleep No jitters, no anxiety or caffeine crash due to Ganoderma Ganoderma Coffee has approximately 9mg of Caffeine. This is perhaps the first time that you can tell the whole family to "have a cup of coffee" and know that it is loaded with health giving properties which make this great for even the kids, it is also available in a Tea and Cocoa beverage! Organo Gold Hot Chocolate and kids In fact, children who drink the decaf chocolate beverage may be sleeping more soundly and focusing better in school. And, this gourmet product, grown and produced without chemicals and pesticides. Below is a range of available Organo Gold Products Some of Organo Gold Coffee Products include: Black Coffee, Latte, Mocha, Hot Chocolate, Cafe Supreme and King of Coffee. All of Organo Gold products is fused with 100% certified Ganoderma. You can also Purchase Products ranging from Skin Care to Toothpastes and Beverages. There is also currently a Business Opportunity available where you can purchase these products at wholesale prices for your self or you can even sell these products to family and friends. With the fantastic healing properties of this elixir you can easily imagine getting a lot of repeat orders from your friends and family . Learn more about ORGANO GOLD home base BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. For more information you can contact me at m. The six delicious varieties of Organo Gold Coffee are creating buzz everywhere people sip their steamy goodness. But their buzz is less about caffeine and more from the excitement of improving health and wealth at the same time. Organo Gold Healthy Coffee Think about it. How many people do you know who drink coffee, tea or hot cocoa? Almost everyone, right? And they probably drink it at least one a day. Organo Gold founder and CEO Bernardo "Bernie" Chua recognized that coffee consumption is almost universal. So he made it the centerpiece for his now-international company. But his real goal wasn't simply to share and sell great coffee; it was to deliver Ganoderma to the western world. Coffee was the perfect vehicle. Everybody knows about coffee. But relatively few are familiar with Ganoderma, even though is Asia it is known as the "King of Herbs." Marianne Noad, Organo Gold's first single female diamond consultant in the company's history, was already knowledgeable about Ganoderma when she heard that Organo gold was formed. A holistic health practitioner, Noad had routinely recommended Ganoderma in her practice and had personally used it regularly for six years. Both she and her clients had benefited from the 200-plus nutrients it delivers. "I could be a Ganoderma geek," she jokes. "All my clients were given Ganoderma for at least a week if they were open to it. Through that, I learned the numerous ways it could speak to the body. When Bernie and [co-founder] Shane Morand approached me in February 2008 to tell me about the company they were forming, I remember being so excited I actually had tears in my eyes. With Bernie and Shane as its leaders, I knew that this would be an amazing company and we would make a huge difference in the world." Modern-Day Obsession Fast-forward to 2012 and one can't walk a block in any of the world's major cities without passing a coffee shop or a coffee drinker. The steaming black gold has its own subculture, being as much about community, conversation and connection as it is about roasting styles, brewing strengths or even caffeine.Coffeehouses demonstrate how a mug of hot java can be a vehicle of social interactions, a means for stepping out of the rat race for a while and having a face-to-face, personal conversation while enjoying a cup of comfort. Coffee is also a morning ritual, among daily coffee drinkers, 65 percentage drink coffee with their breakfast, according to the National Coffee Association (NCA). Coffee has become as much a part of the morning routine as brushing teeth and getting dressed. In fact, 40 percent of Americans see it as such a necessity, they would give up alcoholic beverages, chocolate and going to the movies rather than give up coffee, according to a survey by Don Francisco's Coffee. Bulletproof Business From a business perspective, coffee has a distinct edge over most products because consumers don't need any convincing to purchase it. As the second most-consumers beverage in America, coffee is a habitual purchase for consumers. (Water is the most consumed beverage, but you need water to make coffee!). As a result, coffee is a virtually recession-proof product. Purchase of nondurable goods-always a good indicator for coffee shop sales-rose 7.2 percent in July 2011 over the same month the previous year, according to the Dun & Bradstreet research firm Hoovers. With its relatively low price pint, coffee is a product that remains secure even with the dwindling purchasing power of consumers. Organo Gold Homebase Business There seems to be no end to the number of coffee shops Americans can support, in addition to traditional coffee shops, Mini-cafes are tucked into grocery stores, bookstores, office building s and college campuses, bringing in a whopping $10 Billion in revenue each year in the United States according to Hoovers. Even in the midst of a struggling economy, the number of coffee stands in the United States has risen 18 percent in the past three years. Americans are spending an average of $2.45 for an espresso-based drink, and $1.38 for a cup of brewed coffee. What's fueling those purchases? A country obsessed with coffee. Almost 80 percent of Americans drink coffee occasionally, with 54 percent drinking coffee every day, according to research by the NCA. And not just any old cup of Joe will do. The NCA reports that 40 percent of the coffee consumed in the united state is classified as "Premium coffee". Global Market If coffee mega-chain Starbucks is any indication, the worldwide market for coffee is booming. Starbucks has stores in 55 countries, with plans to add India and Vietnam to the list in 2012. International sales account for 23 percent of Starbucks overall haul of almost $3 billion. Far north of coffees tropical origins, the biggest coffee drinkers on the planet are in Scandinavia. Maybe it's the colder temperatures, or maybe they need coffee to stay awake through the long, dark winters. Whatever the reason, people in Finland drink three times the amount of coffee per capita as Americans. Scandinavian countries (here meaning not only Norway and Sweden, but also Denmark, Finland and Iceland) occupy five of the top six spots for coffee consumption in the world, far more caffeinated than the Unites States at No. 27. Organo Gold Homebase Business Presentation More and more coffee cups are being filled around the world, with new markets opening up as the caf craze spreads. Traditionally the biggest coffee markets have been in countries that import coffee, but the beverage is catching on in coffee-producing countries as well. Global coffee consumption is up 27.7 percent in the past decade, with the biggest growth occurring in countries that export coffee, according to the international coffee organization. Brazilians' are the biggest coffee drinkers per capita of any coffee-producing nation. For traditional markets, the highest growth has come from Canada and the United Kingdom, as specialty coffee and coffeehouses begin to dot their landscape as well. Although the United States doesn't rival Europe for per capita drinkers, it does lead the world in total coffee consumption. Coffee is a 40 billion industry in America according to the NCA. In addition to the exciting growth in North America, Organo Gold is enjoying skyrocketing success in multiple international markets. The company is determined to take its vision of equal Opportunity entrepreneurship to an even larger global audience. Organo Gold has expanded across the globe to over 20 international markets in just a few years. Currently, the company does business in Austria, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru, the Philippines, Scotland, Spain, Taiwan, the United States and Wales. According to Organo Gold Master of distribution and co-founder Mr. Shane Morand, "Organo Gold is in 20 Countries and growing exponentially. The company is now starting to move in the Asian Markets which show a lot of promises". The international expansion makes it possible to run your own global business as an Organo Gold distributor. Even if your don't know people in other countries, chances are that someone in your organization knows people in other countries. If they recruit distributors or sell Organo Gold products in any of the countries where the company does business, you will have an instant international business. For Organo Gold, the sky is the limit for international growth, and the future is as big and promising as the global frontier the company has set its sights on. Millions of people across the world are probably enjoying a cup of coffee right now. It's one of the most consumed beverages on the planet, and the coffee industry has absolutely exploded over the past several years. Organo Gold is a rapidly growing company capitalizing on the worldwide appeal and relevancy of coffee. Organo Gold now does business in 20 countries, delivering its unique products, such as gourmet coffees, tea, hot chocolate, and a line of beauty products, to so many different cultures. Distributors can now run an international business from their own home, sharing and selling a product consumed almost daily and that is part of a US $90 billion industry. The network marketing model was a perfect fit for Organo Gold, since coffee is such a natural part of many people day. Almost every single person you know either drinks coffee or tea daily or they know a lot of people who do. This company has used a simple and duplicated system to share its products and spread its business opportunity to create residual income. Organo Gold coffee is fused with a unique herb called Ganoderma, known as the "King of Herbs", this powerful ingredient has created tremendous buzz among coffee drinkers who are experiencing a number of health benefits. HOME BASE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY | Build your own HOME BASE BUSINESS in five of the fastest growing industries in the world. Launched in September 2008, a 3 years old company, Organo Gold has grown to become one of the most admired companies in the Direct Sales industry, we are Ranked 15 in the top 25 MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) companies with a 98.15% internet popularity compared to other companies who have been around 2-3 times longer. Organo gold capitalized on five of fastest growing industries in today's world; i.e. Health & wellness, Weight loss, Internet, Home base and Coffee. Yes coffee!! Coffee is the second most consumed beverage on the planet after water and it's the second most traded commodity after oil. People drink coffee every day and will always drink coffee in almost every country around the world. Who earn all this money? But here's the really powerful question: When was the last time you were paid every time someone enjoyed a cup of coffee? Well; Welcome to Organo Gold the coffee that pays. Organo Gold blends the unequalled power of Ganoderma Lucidum (an ancient Chinese herb that has been used for over 4000 years to enhance wellness) with an unparalleled Business Opportunity that will allow you to capitalize on the five ever expanding industries. We are creating a ground breaking movement that starts with Organo Gold coffee; thanks to the overwhelming power of GANODERMA which makes our coffee healthier yet still have the same great taste as regular coffee and also make people feel better. Learn more about Organo Gold Healthy Coffee Why ORGANO GOLD is the perfect Home Base Multi-level Marketing BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. As stated before Organo Gold is a MLM company, which they are a lot of benefits from this business model, some, of which are: small amount of risk, low operating cost, attainable freedom, portability etc (Advantage from MLM). We capitalized on five top industries in the world i.e. Health & Wellness, Weight Loss, Home Base, Internet and Coffee. Organo Gold is a three year old company and we do business in over 15 countries globally and growing rapidly, so you now can do business in over 15 countries worldwide. We have one of the best compensation plans. Organo gold is partner with the world best coffee producers, THE BLUE MOUNTAIN COFFEE. To top it off Organo Gold is the first to ever have an exclusive strategic collaboration with the NAPOLEON HILL FOUNDATION There is a major shift in the market which many people overlook or just plain too busy to see. I was guilty of this until my upline Mr. Ruel Hall (a very successful business man) pointed it out to me and from then my life has change and here I am giving you the same Business Opportunity for a chance to change you and your family lives. Take a look at the famous Dunkin Donuts, they have change their logo from a Donut to a cup of coffee, McDonald rebranded their logo to McCafe, Burger King start selling Ice Mocha, Nestle introduce Nescafe to the American Market, Subway now includes coffee in their breakfast menu and the giant Starbucks now have the $5 per cup. Why do these companies switch their business structure? Guys, these are clues and success leave clues. I will leave you with the very same words my upline share with me on the very first day he introduce me to this Business Opportunity "the rich man look for clues and opportunity while the poor search for facts and when given proof they still don't believe". Products A commitment to innovation has guided Organo Gold in the development of cutting edge products infused with the power of Ganoderma. Organo Gold was founded with an exclusive strategic alliance agreement with one of the largest certified Organic Ganoderma Lucidum producers in the world. We are dedicated to maximizing the potential of Ganoderma with research, development and an ever expanding line of scientifically developed Ganoderma based products. Imagine living a life of health, abundance and freedom. Just imagine having access to products with the power of Ganoderma. Imagine how huge the world-wide market for these products can be. Leverage Organo Gold is about the empowerment of individuals through the strength of Loyalty, Unity, & Edification. Organo Gold's industry leading compensation plan makes everything possible. It's an innovative and generous plan that will reward you for leadership and commitment. The power of Organo Gold has already created incomes that have been life changing. It can change your life too. Here at OrGano Gold University you'll find all the training and support resources necessary to launch, expand & maintain a successful Organo Gold business. Bottom line is we're a family, a family that cares about YOU! From the ground to the cup we're a company that is working to improve people's health and creating financial freedom for many people across the globe, brining more balance into our lives. you and your family can be next to change your lives with Organo Gold. For more information contact me at or dpadilla.organogold

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