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    February 19, 2000

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    Some College Coursework Completed

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    Albuquerque, NM

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    Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino

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What`s up BP. Welcome to my page. I`m a college student majoring in Mathematics and also studying Geology and Education. I am from New Mexico, but for college, I decided to get away from NM and come up to New York.

I am not looking for love on the internet. I am only on bp to meet and/or read about lots of people from different places. I like to be around people I can have fun, be not-so-serious, but still occassionally have meaningful conversations with, whether we`re on the computer, phone, or together in person. Most of my friends are at least as silly as I am. And, I love ambitious people; no matter what (maybe there`s an exception or two), I`ll be supportive. I am a great friend. I have and always will go out of my way for my friends. If you treat me well, I`ll do (almost) anything for you.

"I`ll return love to the man who loves me not for what was inevitable for me to be or have, but for what I have worked and struggled my entire life to become."


Since blackplanet is a source of entertainment when I have nothing else to do so, if you feel the urge, send a note.

*Oh, and men, dare to imagine that there may be a few women in the world who care more about mental stimulation than physical stimulation. There are, in fact, women who want to and deserve to be respected as the people they are and not the size of their body parts or what they can do for you. I am one of these women. Please don`t come at me like I`m here solely for your sexual pleasure or vice versa. I did not work all of my life so that I could only be appreciated for what I was born with. I want to know about you; not what you can do to or for me. If you respect me, I`ll do the same.

Sidebar: I can`t stand people who are ignorant by choice. And, I think it`s sad that the same people who were once oppressed without any freedoms now have the opportunity to learn and be successful, but they choose not to be. I mean, I`m not asking everyone to aspire to be a millionaire, but please get an education, or at least try. Learn some things that you can`t learn on 106th and Park; read a book or something.

So many people on this website have pages putting down overweight people and people they don`t fine aesthically pleasant. Men and women, please don`t hate fat people or ugly people. They already feel bad enough due to unfounded stereotypes in our screwed up society. And chances are, they didn`t do a thing to you. Be nice --it`ll pay off when you`re old, fat, and ugly and someone helps you out despite your face and/or body. Consideration towards other people will take you farther than you think.

I don`t really update this page that often, but if you would like to chat or if you`d like to ask me anything, send me a note, and I`ll respond.

* If you want one of my im screennames, just ask; i might give it you.


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