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These five salacious stories, Slippery When Wet, are filled to the brim with sizzling, steamy erotica for anyone who enjoys, fantasizes about, or simply craves girl-girl sex.

In "Juicy Fruit," Ava Wilson, a full-figured single diva, has always wondered what having sex with a woman would be like. So when she goes on a weekend getaway with her friend, Ava allows curiosity to get the best of her.

In "Sweet 'n' Sticky," Miasha Simmons is the perfect little trophy wife for her wealthy attorney-husband, and she knows how to keep her man happy. But when he's away, his sweet, loving wife likes to play with other women.

In "%#&@$! Master," Laila Reynolds loves the sweet sting of a whip from those who seek her out through her website, promising solicitors a night of hot, steamy fun they'll never forget.

In "Liquid Heat," there's nothing more delicious to businesswoman Ebony Rice than being on the receiving end of a gang-bang with six lovely, harness-strapped women.

In "Straight No Chaser," playboi-stud Reggie Sanders loves the chase of beautiful straight women. That's until she seduces a woman who gives Reggie a taste of her own medicine straight with no chaser.





My latest, and the hottest joint yet. Man Swappers hit the streets March 6th. If you haven't copped ya copy yet, what are you waitin' for? It's a real live banger!


Deep Throat Diva hittin' the streets March 22nd. Available where books are sold. Order ya copy now!



Available in a store near you August 3rd!!

Sexy and Thuggish, Alexander Maples, a.k.a Daddy Long Stroke, is a womanizer. Arrogant and self-indulged, he is what every woman secretly craves in the bedroom--rough, rugged, and ravenous. And he is always happy to deliver.

Alexander knows no boundaries when it comes to pleasing a woman, leaving no area untouched, not even her heart--or wallet. But love is the last thing on his mind. Getting paid and whetting his sexual appetite are the only things that motivate this salacious gigolo. And any woman trying to claim him finds herself on the receiving end of heartache, tears, and drama.

Written in raw, graphic language, Daddy Long Stroke is a cautionary tale of one man's insatiable thirst for sex and his quest to bed down as many women he possibly can--no matter the costs, and no matter who gets hurt in the process.   


Beware . . . The Kat Trap is here to get ya . . . 

"Gotta nigga on lock with this p**sy heat…gotta sick head game that’ll make the %#&@$! spit. Rockin’ ya sheets…Got ya nigga clockin’ me… tryna make a b**tch nut lickin’ the clit. Got ya nigga suckin’ my tit…%#&@$!, nigga, %#&@$!… roll ya eyes up in ya head while I lap ya balls and wet ya %#&@$!…%#&@$!, nigga, %#&@$!…"

Excerpt from The Kat Trap


About The Kat Trap 

    Unlike her female friends who are gold-diggers and promiscuous, Katrina prides herself on the fact that she doesn’t need a man—that is, a living, breathing one—for anything, except sex. On the surface, she portrays herself as a celibate go-getter. However, unbeknownst to everyone in her personal circle, she has a twisted, warped sense of entitlement and engages in sexual activity that borders on sadistic.  
     Is Katrina’s thirst for blood and sexual conquest a deadly game fueled by revenge, or does she have the makings of a cold-blooded psychopath? With each body she kills, she feels more powerful and uses this as another opportunity to satisfy her insatiable appetite for sex. And, with the promise of toe-curling sex and explosive orgasms, Katrina lures her marks to their own deaths, by welcoming them into the Kat Trap. 

Buckle up and brace ya'self . . . The ManHandler is coming at ya!  

About The Manhandler

The Man Handler is a fiction-based story of Bianca Rivers, a thirty-year old, single woman who is exploring and enjoying her sexuality. Filled with lust and reckless abandon, it is a detailed, engagingly personal journey in which she shares her fantasies and explosive sexual encounters—past and present—in which she makes no excuses for her highly-charged libido as she embraces her womanhood and indulges her sexual desires without regret, satisfying her urges with any man willing to feed her insatiable appetite.  

     Uninhibited and raw, The Man Handler is a disturbingly sexy, grossly bold narrative written in vivid, colorful language that not only chronicles sexual behavior, but poses questions about sexuality and sensuality; views about love, infidelity, masturbation, STD’s, promiscuity; biases about men and women, as well as offering sex tips. Although not an inspiring story, it is one that is informative, humorous and entertaining while challenging beliefs and attitudes about relationships. It also forces each reader to take an honest look at his own sexual behaviors and choices. Read her story, enter her world, and enjoy the journey of The Man Handler.   


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About the bookBianca Rivers has anoverpowering love and passion for sexuality and the ability to satisfy it without fear or regret. Shemakes no excuses for her highly charged libido as she shares her fantasies and explosive sexual encounters. Embracing her womanhood and indulging in her sexual desiresl without regret, Bianca satisfiesher urges with any man willing to feed her insatiable appetite. But what will happen when one of the men decides that he wants to love her and be ina true... (continue reading)