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Have you ever reached into a tree, grabbed a peach and bit into it to find it was so juicy that you had to wrap your lips around the bite to keep juice from oozing out all over every where and flowing from the bite into your mouth and down your throat. so you have to slurp the juice off of your fingers because they are sooooo wet and sweet.

Call me, so I could make it juicy for ya!!!!

I am one of the few black certified chef/instructors in the country. my professional specialties are numorus. i have worked in some of the finest cruise lines, hotels and restaurants in the world. My last position as an instructor was rewarding because it was at job corps, and i got a chance to influence and mold minds. also in one of northern California's top cooking schools. My experience is extensive and includes complete kitchen management, baking and pastry, breads, main courses, catering, fruit carvings and ice carvings. My father, grandfather and great-grandfather were chefs. ask me what my specialty is and i'll tell you it romantic dinner for two, and breakfast. reason why is because with dinner i can share my skills in several areas. and with breakfast, i am a specialist, and can to things to breakfast you never heard of.

I am also a bass player on a professional level and will soon post a video of me playing. So feel free to comment on it if you get a chance to check it out. I play gospel, so I still do shows occasionally. My twin brother and I have appeared on recordings and on tours with many prominent artist. And you can still hear us on the oldies station. you can see a pic of me and my brother on my page. i must admit that i am a gospel bass player first. so i started in church, and that is where i'll stay. plus i am an expert masseuse. i am not very tall. i am only 5'7, 175 lbs. But I can still take care, well........ Let's just say, I've never had any complaints.

on january 2 2006, My soul mate went home to be with the lord, and if you have time, please review my blog that's dedicated to her, and represents the love we shared for so many years. I will never forget my baby, but must now move on to the next phase. my page represents my life now. My family consists of my daughter, 16 who I am so proud of, wants to be the families first doctor. and her gpa reflects such. and my son, 25. and has never been off the honor roll in his life, but now is a fire fighter. My big giant 130 pound pit, bo, who is our security sergeant and our big dumb black lab, shadow, who will drink out of the toilet, and then hold you down and try to stick that big tongue in your mouth. I know I am a good father. And that constitutes the meaning of a real man to me. so i don't have anything to prove. I love the lord, and my family comes before anybody.

I'd just like to add....

love you my queen. To you I profess my love. please allow me to reach out and touch your hand, and instead, touch your heart, your mind and your soul. you are a queen, and i think you should be treated like a queen. i should feel you deep, and you me. i wanna know your mind, and you, mine. i know your body, so i can find all of your spots. i know what to do with each and every one of them. especially the one inbetween your ears. I think a man should know a woman enough to give her total satisfaction. Happiness is when you love your best friend and she loves you back.

i do not judge a sister by her looks, height or weight. so if you are a few extra pounds Just be real about it. cause i ain't mad at you if you are. and I will always real with you. but because i've chosen to place raising my daughter before anything i might need or want, i won't even consider a long distant relationship. she comes before anybody on earth. i think it is nice to have a picture. cause since you know what i look like, it's only fair that i know what you look like. I don't respond to profiles with no pic, and pics of your baby as a main photo. i love kids, but i want to see you, then the kids. also, pics of pets, sunsets, flowers, cars, group pics and any other picture where i can't tell who you are. it is the equivalent to no pic at all. i do read all profiles, and. And I will respond to a good profile.

to the left, to the left......

I am on black planet to enjoy the food forums and groups. and i the process, meet friends. if you have a concern about a recipe, technique or something that just won't come out right, send me a note and i will be happy to help. black planet has so much more to offer. SO PLEASE DON'T TELL ME, YOU'RE HOPING FOR ME TO GET ANOTHER MATE. i am not here on black planet to find love. i am very good being alone, but not lonely. however, if love happens, i will embrace it. I do, however, love meeting people and making friends. you don't have to stick your azz out or rip your shirt open to impress me. you don't have to suck on a lollipop or bend over and show off your azz to me, , and your sensuallity will show cause your bigest sexual organ is your brain. so if you doin' that, stand up straight and have some respect for yourself. i respect myself and believe that my word is always my bond. please don't play with me cause tricks are for kids. just be real about yours, cause I will always be real with you. but for you sisters that are still playin'. to the left baby. everything you own in the box to the left.

Gay men need to know that I am not gay. so if you're a man and you hit my page, it better be cause we're friends, for music, cooking, sports or cause you're mad cause i looked at your woman's page. other wise, keep your azz movin' cause i got no love for you and i don't like you so if you look gay, I will block your azz.


Women from Ghana, i am so sure that you did not read this far, but just in case you did, i want you to know that, i know you're really not a woman, but a big ugly cigar smokin' fool with a picture of a beautiful model. hiding behind a computer screen. so when you say you love me, if you think i'm gonna fall for that crap, then put your real picture up, and i will show you a stupid mothafatha. no i won't give you my yahoo, i won't send you money cause your sister needs an operation. and if you ask me to deposit a check in my account, i'm gonna laugh my azz off at you tryin' to run weak game.

Also. i don't date white women. please know that i have no desire to be your enemy. and i am not saying i don't like you. i simply prefer black women. i don't mind if you view my page and send a note. but understand that my choice is my choice and if you disrespect me, but if you hit my page mad because all you remember about my entire page is that i won't date you, and you write with the attitude that you're special, or come condescending and rude, just know that your feelings mean nothing to me. i will tear you a new azzhole, and then post it to my bulletin so me and all my friends could laugh at you. lot's of white women respond in a positive manner, and we end up respecting eachother.but they understand that they can't feel me or began to understand like my black woman can. they can never love me with the style and flare of a queen that I require. and they sure don't have that real estate back there like i like it. respect my choice as i do yours. you're wasting your time sending a note me telling me that you hate my page, or i'm racist. or about how you only date black men, or your husband was black. i really don't care. it's just simply a matter of preference. when you hit my page, respect it. respect my opinion as i do yours and you got no worries, cause this is black planet. and you ain't runnin' nothin' here. i don't care if your feelings are hurt. i don't date white women so please find you a brother that will. there are plenty of em' on this site.

My chocolate queen. i rely on her strength cause she makes me feel like I am taking my rightful place as king. she is my real hero. The mother of my civilization. and she brings out the best in me. she is the most copied woman on the planet. every woman wants to be her but could never do so. a beautiful black woman smiles so awesome. She's so wonderful. and I adore her total beautyp>


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