chaarlene Happy Thanksgiving to my BlackPlanet I thought this president said he was going to make America great again I don't see nothing great going on damn shame you have too many greedy people in power everything for the rich and forget about the poor but anyway we need to come together as one we have strength in numbers when will our people wake up Happy Thanksgiving - Yesterday add/view comments (1)

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Currently reside in New York

A LITTLE ABOUT ME: My name is Sharlene , Im a laid back sista who likes to dance and have fun. Very responsible, don't do drugs, ambitious, and motivated. Funny, easy going and a great listener.  Looking to connect and network with like minded people.

Currently looking to organize a new nights out 10 guys and 10 girls crew. My current friends  act like they have no time to enjoy themselves.  There is so much  to do in New York, than just waking up going to work and paying the bills.  

If you live in NY PA NJ or are in NY frequently send me a message with a little about yourself. life is too short and you should have fun every chance you get. If you have any questions dont hesitate to send me a message .



MY LOVES: Karaoke, boat rides, road trips, makeup, high heels, fashion, comedy clubs, black sitcoms, r&b, reggae, calypso, 80's hits, jewelry, brothers and sisters with ambition and goals

MAIN FOCUS: Finishing a masters degree, , starting my own business and buying my dream house.

 HOBBIES: Web design, cooking, gardening, singing at karaoke bars, dancing, learning




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