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Its too EXPENSIVE for you to be involved with a cheating man.<o:p>

The number one mistake men make is to bring all of his exes into his new relationship with you. How does he do that? He keeps them all in his phonebook, they are all friends on facebook, they live in the neighborhood close to his home. They live close proximity to the places he hangs out. Etc. etc.

This leaves all of these people open and easily accessible to him at any time for any reason. And if it's convenient he will find a convenient reason.

Ladies its costing you too much to be in a relationship with an unfaithful immature man who doesn't know and will probably never know when its time to grow up and behave responsible and respectfully.


Your spending money on this dude birthday time

You are going on vacations with him

Your spending precious time with him

Your blocking any opportunity a real man has with you the longer you keep him around.



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