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    October 17, 2008

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    Cleveland, OH

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    Black/African American, White

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I'M NO BEAUTY QUEEN, I'M JUST BEAUTIFUL MEEEEE Hey there, people call me Chelsea.... but you can call me tonight. *Awkward Silence* Well now that we have broken the ice. I'm no where near your average girl. I'm a full time college kid thats living off of mommy yay lol in every sense of the world.I have a huge problem with people who are illiterate, or lack knowledge in English and grammar. Contrary to belief, and unlike most of the hood rats civilians in this city, I am doing something with my life. I have plans of finishing up school and making a name for myself. In hard situations, my heart cancels out my brain. Although I am a rude little %#&@$!, I will be your best friend when you need me. I can be amazing when you need me to be amazing, and tough when you need me to be tough.I take everything to heart and as much as I try to say I don't care about what you think...under most circumstances I do care.I say %#&@$! so much it will make your ears bleed. I over-analyze and over-dramatize just about everything, BUT I will NOT put up with your high-school-I'm-better-than-yo u-suck-my-%#&@$! attitude. I am smart, to an extent. Sorry, I do not know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a lollipop. Sorry, I do not know how much 2650 x 9340 is without a calculator, but I have probably read and know of more books than you could even fathom. I have my dreams, and I have my doubts. I've been in love, and fell out of love. I am a typical human being, with emotions and feelings The world does not revolve around me and the seasons don't change depending on what mood I'm in. I love winter. I love being surrounded by people. I love get togethers, and late night coffee stops with my girls. I love stars. I love when things look beautiful just because you're around someone special. I can tell if you're a good person even if I've only met you a couple times. I hate how the littlest things bother people. You hating what music people listen to and what clothes they're wearing doesn't do you any good so I don't understand why you even bother. I'm not all about looks. I see beauty in everyone. When I say you're pretty It means you're pretty in more ways than one so yeah ... Send me a message: I usually don't bite. ;)

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