chocvalentine All women want is consistency, communication, honesty, and bomb sex. Wait...and food! Well that's what I want. But finding someone who had even 3 out of 5 is not working out well. Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm asking for too much . Nah, I'm not! - January 13 add/view comments (1)

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    June 09, 2000

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    Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations

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    Raleigh, NC

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Welcome to ChocValentine's Den. During your visit you will experience both pain and pleasure, love and hate, lust and infatuation. So sit back and enjoy the words of emotion shared with you by ChocValentine....


Touch me, caress me, make love to my mind. Kiss me gently, stoking your way inside. Slowly press your soul closely against mine. These infatuations are one of a kind.

Mold me like wet clay being formed between your hands. Use your fingers as a guide to make my body answer to your every command. I can feel the lust in every blink of your eyes, as you lick me passionately between my thighs.

Slowly press your soul closely against mine, these infatuations are one of a kind. "Don't stop," says your body as it lies against mine, while your heart reveals in it's pounding that these infatuations are one of a kind.

I was digging through some old papers when I ran across these poems that I wrote.. I thought, "Damn, I must have really been going through something... but what?" Apparently it had something to do with a guy that broke my heart! Kinda bad that I have no memory of this time or this person! LOL...


A million thoughts cloud my head.
Anger, pain, jealousy, misery, even a passing wish that I was dead.
I don't really know what I want or need,
But the comfort that confusion gives me seems to be soothing.
A thousand reasons why I should stay away.
Confusion leaves no reason for me to think any other way.
Everything is my fault, from what I can see.
Opening my heart and mind was like inviting pain and lonliness to control me.
I never want to love again if it continues to cause so much pain.
All that confusion that passionate emotions bring will only drive me insane.


He conforted me by filling my eyes with pain.
Allowing guilt to flow down my face like rain.
He told me that I was to be his, it was just a matter of time.
He was slowly making himself at home in my mind.
Confusion loved me. With me he could have his way.
Making me feel sad was the highlight of his day.
He slowly pushed all of my friends away...
Then he told me that it was my fault for saying that things that he made me say.
As much as I hate him, we now share a bond.
I honestly believe that confusion and I have become One.

I have had a lot of people to question if the things that I talk about in my poetry are true. Truth of the matter is, that is for me (and whomever I write about) to know and you to find out...if I feel you like that. Nevertheless, in response I have written a little something to all those that question me.

Truthfully Speaking
You ask me about my words wanting to know if the way that they flow off of my tongue is the same way that I can make your Jimmy c*m?
You don't want to take it there with me. I can f*ck your mind and make your body tremble like a feign.
My words are as seductive as my thick, sexy hips.
My tongue can massage your balls just as my words massage my lips.
You want me to show you if all that I am saying is true...
Why even question the capabilities of what my body can do?
See my words have intrigued you and my body has caused you to stare.
This p*ssy that I taste and you'll go mad...
See the test of how good I am is not just a matter of what I do in bed.
A large part of it has already been done...I have just mind f*cked you instead.
I got you feignin' for me up here beggin' for a taste.
Wanting me to let you use that rubber that you brought tonight, "Just in case".
But little did you know that once I hit the stage I would first take control and molest your mind... making you drool for my body until I spit my last line.
Now how does it feel to know just how good I taste...when at not one time did I need to sit on your face?
I have given you an orgasm that was more pleasing that you could ever dream... and at no moment did you ever even touch me.
So now you tell me, was I as good as you thought?
Apparently I was, so now you can go ahead and throw that used jimmy hat out!
Thank you for taking the time to view my page. Please feel free to comment as you feel. I plan to update my poetry as the mood hits me so check back often.

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