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Well let's see....I'm a man that feels that you should always stand for something even if you have to stand alone. I am 5'10" 180 lbs. I like the following: sports,reading,writing,(you can check out some of my blogs) making people laugh. It's so much so I'll just put it like this. I love life and having fun. BP is a good place to meet people and have fun. ( whenever it is working right.) lol....Feel free to my page up or leave me a note. I also have a group on here called Naughty and Nice for people that feel like talking to people that likes fun....

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And I get down with stuff like this......


When it comes down to finding a lover what you look for??

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Real Talk


I wanted to take the time to say hello to all the people in the group. I'm glad to see that people can get alone with one another without fighting. This year alone there have been more people killed and this not even the summer yet. I know once people get passed the looks of other people things would be even better. The race, size, age, and wealth should not be the reason you judge a person. I show love and respect to all people until you do me wrong and then I just don't go around you. That... (continue reading)

Before You Hit Send


HEY HEY WAIT....STOP STOP....don't hit need to read what you are writing and think about it again.I know you are happy and I know that you are sad.Even if times are at a low point in your life and your reading this, just be glad.Be glad you are here to talk about it to your family and friends. And to the world after you hit send.Now remember you have plans in life before you post that naked picwondering why photos are poping up show off your puzzy or dikk.This is a small world also so... (continue reading)

She said


Living in a city full of crime and lights watching busy people pass by and getting into fights. Wondering and stressing on how you're going to pay your bills Feeling so down and out to the point you lose all your trills. Being drove over board to the point you're going to break. Now think about going to a place that high up with a view of a lake. With snow on tops of the mountains and freshness in the air just to be able to let go and feel good and you don't even have to comb your hair. To only... (continue reading)

2 truths and a lie

Two of these are true about me. No joke. Which one's the lie? Take a guess...

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