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Met July 2006, Columbus, OH Posted

Adrain was in my list of matches, and I thought" he is cute, why not send him a crush note?" he responded right away, and after about 3 hours of chatting online, I decided to give him my phone #, we talked that 1st nite for about 4 hours.. till about 4 in the morning untill he was hungry. The next day we decided to meet at his fathers house to go to a BBQ that a friend of mine was hosting. I pulled up to his fathers house and was thinking " this is too good to be true, this boys is gonna be ugly, a liar, or just a different person from the one I talked to on the phone". Adrian said when I pulled up his father told him to not let this one get away, and he thought the same thing. It was love at 1st site! his conversation got me 1st, then his looks pulled me in afterwords....I am truely and totally in love with this man, and we are already talking marriage after only one month! I have found my soulmate and true love on this site, and I am very grateful that it was here to introduce us. If I would have seen Adrian at the club or bar I wouldnt have talked to him, and he wouldnt have talked to me, our physicall types are just soo different, but BlackPlanet has shown both of us, the physical side of a person is not what it is all about..its about the connection and conversation that 2 people share.. anyone can have a physical connection, but our mental connection is just awesome!! Adrain moved in with me after about 2 weeks of dating , and it already feels like we are an old married couple.. its funny when people ask us how long we have been together and we say only a month and they are like wow, you guys are so in love and connected it shows.. are you sure only a month? I have to ask myself the same question, because it still seems to good to be true. But I know that I love Adrian and always will, no matter what happens from here on out.

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Male, 32, Bradenton, FL

Posted October 12, 2006

Today Since Me And Talisa Met At Cocoa High School On August 8, 2003 And We Been Together Since 3 Years Now, And I Do Love Her And She Sees Me While I Was At Work And We Played Basketball Together During Team Sports And We Went To Class Together And We're Plan To Get Married On August 18, 2007 At Parker Memorial Primitive Baptist Church In Cocoa, FL And I Want To Thank All Of You From Blackplanet To Share This To Us, And Notice On This Coming Valentines Day 2007 Me And Talisa Planned To Be Engaged.

Cory Craig


Female, Age Private, Lakewood, NJ

Posted October 12, 2006

Wow!! This a great story, i hope your relationship grow stronger and you guys stay together happily! Good luck!!