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Met July 2006, Rockford, IL Posted

I posted my profile on BP and in the summer of 2006 I was just finishing up my year at WIU. I recieved an email from my SOULMATE making some nice conversation. I tried to reply but my computer messed up, so I had no chance to reply.

The next month I moved back to my home town and my SOULMATE emailed me one more time and from there I gave him my phone number, we met, and fell for one another that moment. Months went by with us just hanging out and being friends. Then in November 2006 we made it offical and become a couple, started doing more things, meeting family and friends and enjoying our time together. From there we took another step and moved in together where we still enjoy one anothers company, go to work, share the bills, & really doing GROWN FOLK THINGS. And still today we are going strong and loving one another more & more each day. And on May 6, 2007 we just got our beautiful little doggie MAHOGANY! A start to our family!!

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Female, 35, Buffalo, NY

Posted August 10, 2007

that is so romantic and so nice i wish u to the best of luck