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Met October 2004, Pensacola, FL Posted

Well to make A long story short, I met Keith back in Nov. of 2004 at my mother's house. He had came over to fix her alarm system. At the time i wasn't looking for a relationship. I had just gooten out of a very painful and hurt broken one. I thought that it was strange for me to be meeting him the way that i did. We started talking. I told him that I had a daughter that had just tured 4yrs. old. He then told me that he had a son that had just turned 4yrs. old. He asked me when was her b-day, I told him Nov.9th. He looked at me with a huge smile on his face. Then that is when he told me that his son had the same b-day!!! How ironic. I know. He seem to be the perfect man of my dreams. Everything that I always dreamed and prayed about. We seemed to be hitting things off very good. We would see each other all the time. Then all the time tured into some of the time then not at all. Then in march of 2005, it seemed like he just disappeared of the face of the earth. I hadn't heard from him in weeks the all of a sudden he just pops up and calls me one day like nothing had happened. Things were okay from then on out, well so i thought. In Dec. of 2005 we got into a very heated arguement. Some very harsh words were exchanged. He told me not to ever call him again, so i hung up the phone and didn't call him anymore. About 5 or 6 months had went past without me calling him. I had went so far as to change my phone number so that he could'nt contact me. I would see him every now and then but I wouldn't speak to him at all. He wouldn't speak either. So I decided to look him up on blackplanet. I rememberd that he told me that he had a blackplanet page. I looked him up and found him. I left him a note not really thinking that he would actually reply to it but he did. We I saw that he repiled to my note my heart just skipped a couple of beats. He was someone that I really cared about. He meant alot to me. I repiled back to his message. I told him that i just wanted to see how he had been doing, making sure everythings is well with him and his family. I went to work the next day. I received a phone call from him. I was in total shock. We talked on the phone for a little while ( hey, I was still at work, can't mess with my money). He gave me his phone number. Told me to call him when I had a chance. I said okay. When i got of the phone with him, I just started crying. All those emotions and feelings that I had for him all came back. We met later on that night and we had dinner. He told me that he was wrong for the way things went down. I told him that i was sorry. To see him all over again just made me feel so good.From that night on we have been talking to each other every day. At first we said that we were just going to be friends and take things slow. That didn't last very long. He told me that he wanted to be more than just my friend. I explained that I didn't want to be just his friend.So last friday we decided that we were going to take things to the next level: A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP!!!! So if it had not been for blackplanet, I don't know were we would be right now. I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be together. Thanks BP!!!

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