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Met March 2005, Dayton, OH Posted

I wasnt looking for a relationship and neither was he but curiosity overcame both of us after chatting endlessly on Blackplanet. You see i removed my profile in 2002 after I was married only to re-submit my profile when the marriage failed. We began chatting early March 2005 it seemed everyday day all day. Finally he asked me to meet him for lunch since he was going to be in my area. We had planned to meet but mis-communication caused us to miss each other. Both upset at the other, communication seemed to lack somewhat but after clarification as to what happened was made - plans were made to attempt meeting again. On the second attempt a car accident shut down the freeway which put me behind schedule 45 minutes. Assuring him I was trying my best to get there I could sense frustration in his voice and thought surely he would leave before I was able to get there. Driving as fast as the law didnt allow I finally reached the restaurant but called to make sure he was still there - he was and suddenly i was afraid to step out the car knowing he would be watching every move I made. I stumbled once trying to rush and thought that was it but proceeded on. In I walked to have this man 6'3 rise from his seat to greet me - I almost fainted - he was gorgeous and sexy. We found a table and sat - we ordered ice tea and glanced at our menu. After ordering I began to tell him how sorry i was for my tardiness. He understood. As we began to chat he seemed uninterested. Our salads arrived and we began to eat only to have him stop eating and say to me "I have something to say." Oh no I thought - he's not interested. I replied - OK. I leaned closer across the table and said, "you are so beautiful!" I was shocked. I replied, "thank you" only to have him ask "why are you single? After explaining that I wasnt looking for another failed relationship - he responded he wasnt either but the attraction between us said otherwise. Well after the meal was completed we continued to talk until he asked if he could kiss me - relunctant to do so as not wanting to appear easy I said yes - explosive!!!!! Anyone who sat there and saw us would have thought we've been together for years. Finally we left the restaurant only to stand in the parking lot another 45 minutes chatting and sharing kisses. Finally we broke away from each other and headed our separate ways. We began to spend more time together exclusively sharing our stories, tragedies, triumphs and past relationships. Its been two years now and I have become an intricate part of his business and his life. His parents love me and my parents (especially my mother) love him - but not as much as we love one another. What the future holds - time will tell but to find someone online is something i would never have thought possible - but we are living proof it is.

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Female, 38, Bronx, NY

Posted August 26, 2007

this is a great story...congrtulations on ur found realtionship and love...

take care


Female, Age Private, Bahamas

Posted August 30, 2007

This is so nice. I am very happy for you two. Best of Luck in the future.


Female, 54, Winston Salem, NC

Posted September 05, 2007

good luck you two i hope everything works out.