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Met May 2006, Elizabeth, NJ Posted

Well when Luther and I met, I wasn't using BlackPlanet too often, I would go on maybe once a week to check notes, and check for new surveys to take. On Friday, June 16th, I signed on and I had a note from this guy, it was so detailed, and he seemed so intelligent, so then I went to his page, and once again I was taken by the things he said. I noticed that he had a nextel banner on his page, so, what I did was respond to his note simply with my nextel chirp number. Maybe an hour passed by and he called. I knew I was taking a chance, but I felt like hey, why not. So we talked for about 3 hrs. and then when he got off of work, we talked again, for about an hour, before we decided the suspense was killing us and we needed to meet today. He was leaving town for the wknd. and we couldn't wait. He only lived about 20 minutes away, so he drove to me, and we sat and talked outside for 3hrs. taking a drive through the park. Then when he got home, we talked for another 4hrs. We both fell in love that night. When he came back home on Sunday, it was a wrap for both of us, we've been together every since. Everyone thinks we're moving too fast, but we're not together for everyone else. He proposed 2 1/2 wks. later, and we're getting married on New Year's Eve 2006! I would just like to thank BlackPlanet for being a source for people to meet and greet. I've been a part of the planet for 5 yrs. I've met alot of people, but never expected to meet my soulmate. Thanx again!

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