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Met March 2007, Milwaukee, WI Posted

On April 21st, 2007, I fell in love with the one I am going to be with for life. I met Brandon aka KB a few weeks earlier online, but I really didn't pay him a lot of attention. Until he asked me to come and see him, and the first thing that popped into my head was, "hell no"! I let him talk me into coming to see him a night after I got off of work and that was the beginning of something very special.

I loved everything about him from his dimples in his smile to his personality. KB is the one for me and I have said the samething when I've dealt with other men, but I had a gut feeling and it's going to be there forever.

KB is the love of my life and I know that he feels the same way. We are destined to be together and I am so glad to be the one that he chose!! You are my angel sent from God above and I thank the Lord every day and night!!! We have been together since we met and everything has been going fine. I mean we have had our little squabbles, but who doesn't. That is just the process of getting to know the person that you are going to be with forever!! Our relationship just gets stronger and stronger everyday and I fall deeper and deeper in love with him!!

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