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Met January 2005, Durham, NC Posted

Well, it was kind of funny about how we met though. I was in one of the chat rooms and he private messaged me to talk to him. We met like a year before we actually got together. We lost touch after that. A year went by and I was on the computer on valentines day lonely and had nothing to do. He sends me a message with his number and I sent my number back. He had called me several times but, I wasnt at home. Finally one night I come home and I decided to call him back. I call and you know we are talking or what ever and he was like" I thought you gave me the wrong number." I burst out laughing because I know I would never do anything like that. After alot of talks on the phone we decided to get together. We laugh about a lot"computer love." We've been together for almost a year now. I think anybody who says love finds you at any age on any day in any way isnt lying about that....believe me I know

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Female, 35, New York, NY

Posted September 25, 2006

great story!


Male, 42, New York, NY

Posted September 25, 2006



Female, 41, New York, NY

Posted September 25, 2006

How sweet!


Female, Age Private, Memphis, TN

Posted September 26, 2006



Female, Age Private, Rocky Mount, NC

Posted September 28, 2006

That was real sweet I hope you two stay together for years to come.


Female, 49, Pasadena, CA

Posted October 10, 2006

You two look like a great couple that is happy and inlove. Congratulations on your hook-up, best of wishes and God bless. Happy4u.


Male, 56, Tampa, FL

Posted October 17, 2006

Best Wishes To You Both!