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Met December 2005, Maple, ON Posted

Well where do I begin? Roger had sent me a note just to say Hi and how I was doin, you know the whole works and also that he was a fellow trini. I responded to his note and we spoke for about a week. After that we hadn't contacted eachother for about a month, then he sent me a note just to say Hi again but this time we exchanged e-mail adresses to stay linked. Funny enough we didn't, for a couple of weeks. Finally one day he saw me online and we started to chat.

At this point in time I really wasn't looking or any type of romantic relatioship or any relationship for that matter but never the less we continued talking online and exchanged phone numbers. Being the gentle man that he is Roger told me that he wasn't going to make the call but would wait for me to call him. But I wasn't about to call someone I haven't seen yet, so he sent me his picture.

I didn't call roger for a good while, I liked him but I wasn't sure at this point if I wanted to start anything. I finally got off my high horse and calld him but I got his machine and left a message. Actually I left him many messages and gave him a hard time about it because he had asked me to call and he wasn't callin me back. He did finally call me and his voice was like wow, he had this smooth, soft and sexy thing going on. We spoke for hours just laughing away.

After about a week of talking on the phone we set a date to meet eachother, and when I saw him stading there at my door my jaw just dropped because he looked nothing like his picture! He looked so much better. We went out for drinks and he pulled out a poem he had written for me remembering that I had mentiond that I liked poetry. When he was done reading it I asked him if he was going to kiss me or not because he kept on looking at my lips an licking his LoL. Oh man can he kiss, it was a good thing we were sitting down I probably would have fallen over.

That was back in April and we will soon reach 6 months. We are deeply in love with each other. I'm soooo glad that I let down my guard an got off my high horse because I have never felt the way I do about this man that I have with any other man.

I found my soul mate, my one and only. We are going to grow strong and old together. THANK YOU BP!

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Female, Age Private, Bronx, NY

Posted October 09, 2006



Female, 48, Chester, PA

Posted October 11, 2006

i wish you both much happiness in your relationship. reading a story like your help keep the hope alive on here. thanks for the inspiration. that goes to show that there are some good guys on this site. keep up the good work and good luck in your future.

peace & health


Female, Age Private, Waynesville, MO

Posted October 12, 2006

That is a blessing. It is hard to meet a decent man these days that wants a DECENT woman. I have found that most men want an easy lay, but you have shown me that there are still some good ones out there and the hope that I too can find someone for me.
Wishing the two of you the very best.


Female, 33, Washington, DC

Posted October 15, 2006

Get it Girl!


Female, Age Private, United Kingdom

Posted October 16, 2006

you lucky lady keep praying for the rest of us!!


Female, 49, Houston, TX

Posted October 18, 2006


You Are A Lucky Woman.Like The Rest Has Said Keep
Praying For The Rest Of Us Cause We Are Still Looking
For That Special man Out Their.But Sometimes These Men
Are Just Looking For A Quick Lay.Im Very Happy For You
Keep The Faith God Bless.


Female, Age Private, Las Vegas, NV

Posted October 20, 2006

that was so beautiful hey you haad ma asss rollin thou!!! good luck!!!


Female, Age Private, Ocean Springs, MS

Posted October 21, 2006

Just remeber u met him on the internet!! J/K Chica. Good luck.


Female, 36, Riverside, NJ

Posted October 21, 2006



Female, Age Private, Elizabeth, NJ

Posted October 22, 2006

very good story !IGOD BLESS U BOTH GUYS!

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