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Met February 2005, Marion, OH Posted

So i had just gotten out of a long realationship and was still grieving pretty hard, so i really wasnt looking for any one for the longest time. Then i finally got enough courage and strength to go ahead and have some fun meeting new people.

I came across blackplanet and created a profile with no intentions of it turning into anything. My intentions were just to talk to new people and connect with them on an intellectual level. Well one day i got a comment from my soon to be man, and it was simple. He asked me what made me "up and decide" to start talking to people again.

I was so ticked off that he made it seem like it didnt take me very long to move on, so of course i responded back very defensively..and to my surprise he still responded back! haha. The more and more i started talking to him the more i realized that he was worth getting to know. I had to let my guard down a lot to even wanna be on the dating scene again but he made me feel free and great again so it was worth it.

After talking a while all the sudden he just stop talking to me. I was kinda dumbfounded because i took it that he wasnt interested in me anymore. Then about a week later his name finally lit up on my screen and i immediately IM'd him and asked him where was he, and that i missed him.

He then explained to me that he hadnt felt this way for a girl in a long time and it scared him. He told me that he thought i was too good for him basically and he didnt want me to be involved with someone who had a not so sweaky clean past. But after he finally let it all out he felt much better and regretted not speaking with me for that week. I think that moment right there is when we both realized that this was more than just an online thing.

Even though some of the things in his past were hard to swallow particulary his child, i had to accept that he had a life before me. After we had this deep convo i gave him my phone number so that we could connect even deeper. I remember being so nervous about hearing him, and i didnt want to sound stupid. But suprisingly when he called we had the same deep convos as always and i enjoyed it much more because he became more real to me, instead of these back and forth IM's i could hear a real person.

One day... i decided to be bold and i asked him if he ever wanted to see me in person. And i wasnt expecting him to admit it but to my shock he responded immidiately with a YES. I was so excited at this point. I knew he wasnt some creepy guy on the net, and he was someone i really liked! He lived in Lima at the time which is an hour away from me. The drive is tiresome mainly because its on country roads but i've traveled that thing so many times since we've been together that its nothing.

I will never forget our first date for as long as i live. I know every detail so bear with me. We planned a day to meet and i told him to call me once he was on his way so that i could start getting ready.So it was going on about 4 and i was starting to get worried because he still hadnt called. I began to think that maybe hes set me up. But just as i thought that i see somthing move past my kitchen window outside!

I glanced out and to my surprise there he is!! I yell out some explitives and run to my room. I knew i couldnt just leave him out there but I didnt know what to do! This is NOT how i pictured our first date.I hadnt even gotten ready yet, and needless to say i was pretty pissed that he hadnt called ahead of time. You cant just expect a girl to be ready when you get there ya kno? So anyways...i finally get enough courage to go to the door, and i remember him standing there with his hoodie up in the rain.

I swear time stopped when i looked up at him. Suddenly him just showing up at my doorstep was fine by me, but then i was smacked with the reality that i wasnt the least bit ready. He had a smile on his face and me... i tried to smile and i tried to hold it back but i couldnt anymore. I went off on him!! lol..the first conversation when we meet is an argument, great start huh? He couldnt think of anything to say but im sorry..and i couldnt get to a phone ...which didnt mean jack to me. I eventually just said whatever and we left my house in what i was already wearing.

Looking back on it though...I wouldnt of had it any other way. Im glad i showed him who i was from the get go that way he knows. And that is the beauty of our relationship.. we have always been very real and true to eachother. But im not gonna lie im a very get pretty for dates kinda gurl, so this felt like a disaster at first for me. I remember it was silent for awhile in the car and then we started to warm up. He was even more handsome in person than i imagined and he thought the same of me.

We went to a bowling alley, but didnt bowl we just sat there a talked, then after that we stopped by taco bell and i ate like a pig. Something that I would NEVER do on a first date. But hey by then i didnt even care! After that we went to see The Hills Have Eyes and that is when he snuck his first kiss in. :) There was something so sweet, delicate and sincere about it. I knew i wanted to be with him in just that one moment. He had me from there. After all the things we went through that day, they were all gone at that moment. So at this point after the movie it was really late so i had to get back home. And he let me drive his car back! Which i dont know many guys that would let their wives drive their precious cars let alone a girl you just met. But it was sweet and promising..him letting me do that. When he dropped me off i felt like a giddy little girl, i couldnt hide my happiness. With him..i forgot all about my past hurts.

Ever since then we've been inseperatable. Theres never a dull moment when we're together. And yes we've had alotta shaky times but they've honeslty made us better and more mature people.

I want to thank you blackplanet so much for bringing this man into my life when i needed him the most. I plan to spend many more years with him, because we truly are connected not just through internet connections where it all started,but our hearts too. :)ctions where it all started,but our hearts too. :)

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Female, Age Private, Kansas City, MO

Posted January 20, 2008

Awwwwwwwww Thas so sweet n so cute well thas was beautiful hope yall enjoy ya'll life later :)