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Met May 2001, Newark, NJ Posted


when does a love begin?...
is it the moment that the eyes meet
where does a love begin?...
in a park, a mall, on the street
for some it may be a blind date
for others, a match made by their mom
and yet for these two, Tonya & Robert,
it was in
so they began to chat on line
to get to know each other,
he asked, "what do you look for in a man?"
her reply, "a God-fearing brother."
"do you have a family?"...
he continued to say,
yes, one daughter, her name's LaToya
and oh, by the way...
now it's my turn said Tonya
tell me a little about you
where have you been all my life?
and what kind of work do you do?
I'm from Hillside, I work for the airline
and I have one daughter, too,..
her name is Yasmine and she's my heart,
my baby girl,... my boo.
so time went on day after day, and
week went by after week
and then on August 2,2001, it happened
the two decided to meet.
"Wow!" you're so beautiful
even Ray Charles could see
much more than your pictures
inside & out, youre the one for me
so the two began dating
to movies & dinners at Don Pepe
walks and talks at Liberty State Park
they were the highlight of each others day
and then on October 8, 2005...
with over 4 years on the line,
Robert said, "here are two boxes yes or no
would you be forever mine?"
so, Tonya said yes and they're here today
standing before God and man,
with everyone's blessing these two join their lives
Heart to Heart; Hand in Hand

SEPTEMBER 23, 2007 2007

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Female, 62, Detroit, MI

Posted February 04, 2008

CONGRATULATIONS----- I hope you will be very happy always. May God bless you both and your family. Peace and blessings!