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Met February 2007, Syracuse, NY Posted

Hello my name is Eric and i meet Takesha from a crush note she sent me.At first it was kind of hard to get in contact with her sbecause I thought he was trying to dodge me. But once we got to talking online we hit it off well. It still took some time for her to give me her number and when she did give it to me I called her right away.

After i heard her voice i just knew she was the one for me. We had some real good conversations which lasted all night. Sometimes we even fell a sleep with each other on the phone and I would always make sure she was up for work in the morning.

It was some time in april when I first went to visit her in syracuse and we had so much fun together. I keep coming to see her everytime I got paid from my job. After a few visits we talked about me moving up to syracuse to be with her because I was living in brookkyn at the time.

So i made the move to be with her and never looked back. Everyday we spend together is great. I love the mess out of her and she is the same with me. I even wrote her a lot of poem's and still do.
Still today,we flirt like we just meet each other. Soon I will make her my wife!

I will keep bp informed of our plans. I hope everyone who is looking for that perfect soumate finds them. l want them and be as happy as i am. I even recommend bp for them! Try it! It worked for me so i know it will work for someone else.

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Female, 35, Laval, QC

Posted February 11, 2008

I'm happy to hear that it is possible to find love even online. I did meet someone on Bp but it turned out very bad. Not many men are willing to travel for a woman who might the right one for them. Either they get scared or were just playing around.
You are very lucky. I wish you all the best. Thanks for sharing your story, it gave me hope :).


Female, 32, Newark, NJ

Posted February 13, 2008

Thats so great that it worked out for the two of you...some of the men my age couldnt even afford to take me to Mickey D's! Let alone move to the same city...that takes heart! Good luck in the future for the two of you!