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Met November 2006, Chesapeake, VA Posted

It started off like most..chatting online then exchanging numbers. In fact, weeks after giving Jason my phone number, he finally called and I couldn't even recall who he was.

Four months passed before we actually met in person for a Chinese dinner at my home. Immediately we were comfortable with each other.

3 months later, by summer Jason was in a major head on car accident and I was the only person he managed to call and handed the phone to the paramedics to talk to me while being strapped down to the gurney. At the hospital we bonded -- since then and have never left each other side. Through his weakness and then in mine, we battled life circumstances together.

January 16th was our wedding day of this year and we enjoyed a Chinese dinner to celebrate , looking back on how we met and got to this point of happiness. Sifting through thousands of notes, we found each other--a blessing from God he is to me and an answered prayer I am to him.

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