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Met December 2007, Indianapolis, IN Posted

I know your prolly sayin take ur love sick az to bed but when the spirit hits me ya'll I gotta preach.. I am so in love!!! All the things that I thought were a fairytale he has made true. All the things you hear like he completes me, love at first site & when u know u jus know well they're all true. I finally have a BROTHA FOR MY SOUL. And I want everyone to know & EXPERIENCE IT for themselves.

He's amazing. He loves my mind, body & soul. I find myself growing as a person. He completes me! I can honestly say that I am unafraid because I know to shy away from him would be to deny God's blessing for me. I haven't always been a believer in Love. I grew up watching my parents 2gether & boy did they love hard. I spent most of my life tryin 2 duplicate what I saw but the painful truth is most of us aren't ready for it.

We fight happiness & we take the people we love for granted. I have always been more of a lover rather than a fighter but try as I may I was unsuccessful in turning any of my relationships into TRUE love. I"ve gotten so frustrated in the past @ the fact that I can devote myself so completely into one person & not recieve the gift of devotion myself. It took me to testify & devote myself to God. We tell ourselves"after I get right with him/her then I'll get right with God".

I'm here to tell you that it just does not work that way, because not loving God first is not loving a part of yourself and to fully, truly, completely love anyone else you must first love yourself TOTALLY & COMPLETELY with all your many faults you are human. You must first deem yourself worthy of your own love, enjoy your own company, come to peace with who you are and the place that you're in.

Stop throwing your love away you're worth so much more........I have tears in my eyes now because I know that I am finally HOME!!!!!! I love you Ron & I knew it from the first moment that you touched me "Love at 1st site". He is deserving of my love but he earns it daily. I deserve his attentiveness but I will work to earn it diligently.

I will never forget all that I've gone through to get to this moment in my life & therefore I will cherish it. Because when you know you just know! MIND-I want to explore his mind...I wanna talk with him. BODY-I want to nourish his body...I wanna feed him. SOUL-I want to learn & grow in God....I wanna pray with him.

This is the prayer that I heard.......listen with me. The world is changing.............

Come my children and walk with me. Lay down your burdens and tell me of your troubles. Stand along side me and take in the serenity all about you. I have not abandoned you but simply been in wait. Come into my light that you may never feel alone again. Leave all your demons behind you and look not upon them. I am just here at your fingertips you need only to reach.


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Female, Age Private, Oxon Hill, MD

Posted September 17, 2008

Karen and Ron I must say congratulations I Ihave felt that love before and since I didnt believe it it was gone all at once continue to grow i n GOD'slove I thank so much for those encouraging words I really enjoy reading your page I remember reminds me of me I forgot to love me first however I know now I rather to love and lose then not love at all and it is the most invigorating feeling there is Again thank you and it could not have happened to a better person wow to speak those words the words came from the heart truly be blesed my sister


Female, 59, Charlottesville, VA

Posted September 19, 2008

Thanks for a beautiful story-full of hope for us all,
Love Rainbe


Female, 33, Orangeburg, SC

Posted September 26, 2008

Your story is very beautiful... I wish that it will happen for me... I am waiting on God though...


Male, 37, Rochester, NY

Posted September 28, 2008

i dont know yall but god bless to you both cuz that was deep word but they all was say a family prey together stay together


Female, 44, Jacksonville, FL

Posted September 29, 2008

Congratulations to the both of you and I look forward to having that blessing in my life as well one day.


Female, 48, Augusta, GA

Posted September 29, 2008

congrats. God has sent each of you a beautiful person. Hold onto your faith of God .The love you all have is heaven sent meaning it will last forever.Always put God first in everything you do.keep us posted on the wedding date


Female, 40, Sylacauga, AL

Posted September 30, 2008



Female, 48, Utica, NY

Posted October 01, 2008

Congrats to you both, from myself as well. Isn't the blessing, GOD perform wonderful ! GOD bless your union, forever.


Female, Age Private, Halethorpe, MD

Posted October 02, 2008

Beautiful.. I pray the your love last forever. and ever Your story gives me hope and puts a smile on my face!


Female, 31, Marksville, LA

Posted October 08, 2008

hello i love your story i wish that i can find like yours but i know it will never happen congrads and your right god do comes first i don,t know if i can trust another man because what my boy-friend done to me i know that he is messing around because his cousin told me that,s because i,m a virgin i don,t deserve what he,s puting threw i wish i was happy just like the both of you.
god bless you both and congrads again

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