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Met November 2007, Shelby, NC Posted

Hi BP! My name is Ashley and Ive been a member since Dec. 2007. As U know people send many notes and crushes, but this particular one by the name of Kasey caught my eye? I was reading his profie and it said that he was a twin and that he has triplets in his family, so do I, Im a triplet. He's also a Jamaican Marine(WOW) and he's the same age as me.I was pregnant at the time, so I was kinda nervous to tell him, but I did and he accepted me!!!! Usually I really dont respond, but I did? We started IMing first, then came the phone convos. I really wasnt feeling him at first, because he was not like any other guy Ive dated before. But he started to grow more and more on me and time went by.

In Feb of 2008 we started dating and shortly after he used the "L" word...LOL he told me he LOVES me. But before he told me that he was the kinda guy who doesnt get attached to people real easy and he doesnt plan on getting married any time soon???? Now that's all out the window. But see the funny thing is we never meet before all this, so when we finally did..words cant explain the joy and love and happiness that overwhelmed me! It was like I had know him forever and I had been waiting my whole life for that very moment!!!!!!! It was beautiful....He never took his eyes off of me!?!?! I was nervous, but Icouldnt stop smiling if I wanted to. But I asked, "Why are you staring at me like that???", he responed by saying, "Your goregous and your smile is to die for...You got me!" OMG I never had anyone tell me that and really mean it, I was on cloud nine from then on.

It may be in a short time, but Ive prayed and knows he's my other half!!! He proposed to me on our 2month anniverssary and I cant wait to set a date and have him forever!!!!!!!!!

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