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Met July 2007, Austin, TX Posted

True story.

I never would have thought I would of met my man on the internet. I started going to Black planet just for something to do and meet new people. One day I got a message from a guy named De'Andre. He's cute I thought. We chatted a few times than exchanged numbers. After talking on the phone every day and every minute and sending picture messages we decided to meet up.

He was an hour away and made arrangments to meet me in my town. Since that first date it's been all about us. We were married on June 8,2008.

We really thank Black planet for helping us find one another! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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Female, 37, Columbus, OH

Posted January 24, 2009

Congrats you two good to hear that this works for you


Female, Age Private, Silver Spring, MD

Posted January 27, 2009

congrats to the both of you.


Female, 37, Houston, TX

Posted January 29, 2009 sweet!!!! Congratulations!!!


Female, 54, Camden, AR

Posted February 09, 2009

Hi Stephanie
I loved reading your story.My name is Jill I have been talking to a man on BP for almost a year now.We are gonna meet soon.He is coming to me here in Arkansas.He will be staying here at my apartment with me.We have already fallin in love with each other and can't stand not talking to each other.I bought me a webcam just so I can see what he looked like face to face even though its on cam.This man as won my heart in so many special ways.He sent me a video of himself for Christmas and I cried cause it touched my heart.Well maybe you will get to read about my success story someday.Take care and God Bless you and your husband.