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Met January 2008, Natchez, MS Posted

She (Anita) acutually discovered me (Michael)
at: she came to me like a quiet
storm waiting to be revealed! waiting to be ravished!
her approach was very subtle and so so sweet that
I couldn't resist it (nor resist her!). we started to
email one another here (at: then,
move to chats at:'s buddy list. things took
an intrigued twist and turn! we've discovered the
chemistry...the compatibility and the harmony of
establishing a true and deep-friendship! everything
was so so enlightening and most intensed (even,
from the very beginning of the friendship!). we've
become lost within each other's love! so so intensed
that we've begun to finish each other's thoughts!
complete each other's sentences (most amazing:
we'd begun to speak the same identical things at
the same identical times!). this must be "love" for
we'd both confessed this to each other each and
everyday! each and every night! and, to our surprise
"we've discovered loved" without the mention of
anything intimate!" (and, have not been intimate...
til this day!). but, when "love calls you'd better
answer!". she's within the state of maryland...I'm
within the state of mississippi! I'm re-locating to her
(soon). we will have taken
the next step and to the next level of "marriage".
never would I'd dreamt of the meeting and greeting
of my soul mate here: but, through
christ...all things are possible! and, I've never ever
been with such sensations of live! of laughter! and
of love! than with this wonderful-woman called:
Anita. with every fiber of my being: we've discovered and shall explore "a life of love ever-
lasting as I'd give unto her (Anita) my last name
and my very best of the best of me: for all of eternity!
thank you! thank you! thank you...BlackPlanet. com
for the union of two of god's children being united
in a blissful! most enchanting love of my life! miss
anita shall become my wife! as I shall become her
husband!hall become her

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