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Met July 2007, Columbia, SC Posted

I came to blackplanet just trying to get away from the day to day grind. When I met Kenny. He commented on my page and how he respected me and what I was trying to do. It stared out friends and friends only. Talking about our children, life, past relationships, and goals. We met the first time on New Years Eve, because we wanted to start our year off right. And that was the best decision I could have made. Kenny is damn near the perfect man. I have never felt as loved as I am now. On September 2, 2008 we got married. I am happy, and I know he is as well. Yes there are haters or jealous %#&@$! females or males. But we know where its good at. We love and respect each other. We are both Gemini's so sometimes our mouth gets us in trouble but we always get through out problems or troubles. We keep God first and then our family. So introducing ourselves. WE are Kenneth and Christen Campbell.........

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