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Met August 2008, Orange, VA Posted

I never really thought that finding love on the computer could ever really happen. But that day that i found nick, i made the 1st move towards talking to him, and he was shocked to say the least. But we made plans to meet up 2weeks later and the rest is history pertty much, i remember our first phone convo. i told him it was like he is my soul mate and i still think that. i would like to thank blackplanet for helping me in finding my soul mate... and i hope all da other sisters out there find that man just for them like i found mine....

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Female, Age Private, Leighton, AL

Posted May 10, 2009

I want to say congrads to both of you, but me, I havent had ANY luck with men and I have been on here 3 times since 2001. Every guy I have talked to or met on here has been a joke. All I want is to meet a nice guy who can be boyfriend or husband material. I have been alone for nearly 10 years, and I find myself sometimes in tears because of the way men treat females who are decent and loving. If you find true love like you guys have found in each other, you hold on to it because it's rare to find true love, no matter what race you are. Again, CONGRADULATIONS!


Female, 60, Los Angeles, CA

Posted June 02, 2009

My life is better than fiction, I have experinced three lifestyles in one lifetime. I know joy and pain and both have giving me wisdom and self assurance. I am an antribute to the successes of my friends and have added to the quality of the people's lives that have honored me in being my friends. I love having companionship relationships because loving and being loved is a part of my life that feeds my hunger for life. I want to hear your story, be a shoulder, and embrace your basic human need to be appriciated. "REMEMBER YOU ARE A KING'S KID"


Female, 55, Lansing, MI

Posted June 21, 2009

you two look like a very good couple, i also met my husband onlime, it was a funny story how it happen but we been togather almost 6 years been married 4 yrs now, people say you cant find love or your soul mate on line but i did and so did you 2 i very happy for you both


Male, Age Private, White Horse Beach, MA

Posted June 26, 2009

that's so great. Are you still together?