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Met August 2008, Houston, TX Posted

I was referred by a supervisor/friend of mines to start making new friends after a long tormented relationship left me scorned.

So, I joined the Black Planet world seeking to find some new friends to get my mind off of the past. I met a few nice people on the site and quite interesting, nonetheless; they were just friends, until September 30, 2008.

I met the most interesting, intelligent and romantic man that completely swept me off of my feet. I must say that I initially responded to his note for a mere business contact and upon receiving a response to a business question he asked to get to know me personally. John began to inquire more about me.

I was very flattered by his compliments and thought that his humor was extremely refreshing. We finally decided to go out on a date and he invited me out to his job (a neutral place) to make me comfortable.

We spent the entire evening together as he explained his job to me. He is a race car technician. I found this to be quite interesting and liked his sense of humor. He made me laugh all night as he flirted with me. After some hours had passed, John was about to get off work so he asked me if I had a curfew. I laughed and he stated that he was going to send me home so that he would know I made it home safe and sound. He wanted to see me again for lunch the next day if it was o.k with me.

I agreed to the lunch date because I found him to be so worldly and interesting. I felt that this was the only way that I would probably get a chance to spend some time with him between his three jobs. (LOL)

So, he sent me home with a kiss on the cheek and called me to make sure I made it home safely. I felt like I was back in high school in one of those "teenage love affairs." The next day John picked me up at my house for lunch and we went to have lunch at Chilli's. My hands began to sweat while I was in the car with him, I guess because I had never dated a man such as he.

As we ate lunch he took a picture of me with his cell phone while I was eating and said that he was going to save it to his phone. His playfulness and humor was so cute. I stared at him across the table as he told me as of that moment that I was no longer on the market. John stated that I was officially his lady at this point.

I was amused and flattered, although I felt it was moving quite fast. Nonetheless, We continued to date and I found myself falling in love with him deeply. I told him how I felt and he said that the feelings were mutual.

Since then we continued to date and finally moved in together and have been discussing engagements and marriage plans. We have been inseparable.

All I can say to the other Black Planet members that are seeking someone special.... be encouraged my fellow sisters and brothers it will happen and the planet has a lot of great people on it. Thanks Black Planet. You've changed our lives.

Wendy & John

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