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Met February 2006, Schenectady, NY Posted

Thanks to BP,

Me and Mike met through bp 30 somethings chatroom. I live in Amsterdam and he lives in London. First time he hollared at me, I called him an azzhole. Cause I thought he was disrespectin me. But now we are inseperateble. We met eachother in May in Amsterdam, he stayed for 3 days. from the moment I met him in person I knew I wanted to be with him for life. We fly of and on. At the moment I'm seeking for a job in London so we can live together over there. I met his family and he met mine already and they cool with the idea of us being a couple. We are accepted as a couple!!!

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Male, 61, Jacksonville, FL

Posted August 15, 2006

Yes I agress that is a Touching Story since I am we will see I can can find the same suscess*on Blackplanet and I do then you can chalk it up as suscess story #?


Male, 30, Cambridge, MA

Posted August 17, 2006

thats great imean that!.


Female, 42, Rosedale, NY

Posted August 18, 2006

I wish you guys the best and may god bless your relationship.