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Met August 2006, Birmingham, AL Posted

I can honestly say that I've finally met "THE ONE".

After months of dead-end dating, a friend told me about Blackplanet. I decided to create a profile, but I had no expectations to meet anyone. Then one day, I received a note from RJ. We exchanged phone numbers, discovered we had several things in common and decided to meet in person. Initially, I was afraid to open up to him because of disappointments in my past. But after spending time with him, I began to realize what a wonderful man he is. Being with RJ is like being with myself. We click on so many levels!

Thank you BP for providing a way for soulmates to meet!

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Female, 49, Birmingham, AL

Posted November 06, 2006

Congratulations - on the success of your relationship... Coming from a Birmingham native... I can truly say... when you find that someone... YOU really do know it... there are no doubts in your mind about this person... Much love from Florida....


Female, 43, Birmingham, AL

Posted November 07, 2006

hey i was begining to think that no one in bham ever make it! god bless and have wonderful life together