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Met January 2003, Silver Spring, MD Posted

One day in the Winter of '02/'03 after seeing and reading Nicole's profile I decided to send her a note. She answered and we communicated by e-mail and phone for a bit to feel each other out. Next we decided to meet for a first date at a nearby Outback restaurant which went very well. I remember we went out again a couple of days later and soon afterward we began seeing each other exclusively. I immediately saw that Nicole was a wonderful person with all the qualities I look for in a woman. On top of that she's also quite attractive. She once mentioned how we got along well and could easily spend the entire day doing "nothing" and the time would pass. During the X-mas holiday season of '03 we offically became engaged and were married the following October. We always tell people how we met and we encourage others to try online dating as well. One thing we often tell people is that without a forum like BP we probably wouldn't have met as we both have busy schedules and really don't do the club scene. Nicole is the best thing that happened to me and I wish others the same success. Cheers to BlackPlanet.

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Female, 50, Hopewell, VA

Posted November 12, 2006

What a wonderful story. I wish you both the best. Happiness does come to those that want it as you two are a great example. I hope that others will read your story and be inspired to take that leap of faith to find happiness. May God bless you both and many years of happiness to you both.