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Met May 2003, Matteson, IL Posted

Odurns01 logged on for the first time, and I saw his profile. After months of looking around on BP, I reached out to him in a IM. I remembered his user name, and e-mailed him. Well, he responded the next day, and we e-mailed each other back and forward for about 2 weeks. We then started talking on the phone with each other for another few weeks, before we decided to meet. Once we met, we were both physically attracted, but we started off as "just friends". Within a few months we were a couple, and by Jan 2004, we were making wedding plans. Well, we married September 18, 2004 (joining our families, my daughter of 11, and his sons 12, and 9). Now we have a beautiful new daughter born July 2006. Odurns 01 and I are extremely happy, and so grateful that we met.extremely happy, and so grateful that we met.

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Female, Age Private, United Kingdom

Posted November 18, 2006

you lucky pair!!!, good luck to you both and your beautiful children.