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Met July 2006, Hawthorne, CA Posted

Where do I start??? In August my friend told me to get a Black Planet page, I have to be honest I was not having any trouble finding a date, but finding the RIGHT one ok maybe I was having some issues. I decided to start my BP page, and at first I was amazed at some of the notes that I was getting, I mean everything from "WILL YOU MARRY ME" to "Im just looking for a FUN night!" I really wouldnt put to much into it I mean my favorite saying is "It Is What It Is"

Anyhow I cant really remember if I sent him the note, (I think he sent it to but however it started Im just glad that it did... We started talking on yahoo. I would catch myself being excited about going to work, cause I knew that I was gonna talk to him. We started talking on the phone, then we had our first date! It was very short I had other plans that night but I wanted to meet him. WE talked for a little bit. He walked me out to my car and thats when I knew that this man would be in my life!!! He kissed my on my forehead goodbye! It came so naturally.... I learned that a kiss on the forehead is the precious kiss a man can give a women..... I though about him the whole way home..

We continued to talk and then had our second date. This is where it gets a little sad for me..... our second date consisted of a movie at his house. It was so nice, we talked, laughed, shared stories... He is the biggest gentleman I know! I usually dont make it a habit to go to a mans house that I dont even know, but there was something about him that made my heart warm. Well, we had made plans to get together the following day.. Im not going to go into details but I was taken away from him and our friendship had stopped for 2 months...He didnt hear from me, it was as if I had fallen off the face of the earth. Well when the time was right I decided to call him I think he said it was 1:30 in the morning on Oct 30.... And well the rest is history now!

The time that I was away from him I thought about him all the time... I missed him but I had to do what I had to do... I really didnt know what part he played in my life but I knew that I wanted him. We are now officially a couple!! Getting ready to spend Thanksgiving with his family! Planning our first "Getaway" Im so excited.. He is everything that I have ever wanted... The say that if you want to find the integrity of a man look at the company that he chooses to keep..... I can honestly say that I have met my extended family!!!

I know that people say dont rush into anything, you dont even know him, but can you honestly say that there is a time frame to know that you love someone. I mean I think that there are people out there that have spent forever with a partner and still dont know them.. All know is that this feels right, When Im not with him I missing him. We spend forever talking, and always on Yahoo! I know that I am in love with him!!!

Is there another BP wedding in the making, well if you ask my HEART... YES!!! I promise to keep you posted! Like I said we are going away this weekend I will post a picture of us together. The ones that he has I do not like =0)

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Female, 30, San Diego, CA

Posted December 07, 2006



Female, 35, Philadelphia, PA

Posted December 07, 2006

Very nice story. I wish you the best. I'm a sucker for happy endings. I'll be on the look out for your updates.


Female, 40, Syracuse, NY

Posted December 14, 2006

I wish you the best! Your story restored my hopes and dreams :)


Male, Age Private, Nigeria

Posted December 21, 2006

wow I am happy for all those successful couples that met themselves on BP.. As for me I have really been searchin for a real woman like it has happened to them . Most time is like most of the women are hard on me. So I really placed my pictures on my page so that they will all know I am real. onelove to everyone.