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Met August 2005, Macon, GA Posted

It happened one day when i was on the computer and just browsing and i ran across his picture, i thought he was cute so i sent a note. He got back to me and we said we would try to get to know each other as friends first. We chatted almost everyday but because he was in college so far away we decided that if fate has it we would meet one day. Then that day came and we met at the local mall and we just hit it off but somehow we lost phone contact for about two or three months and then i just sent him a note to check on him and we chatted a little bit. Then one day Tyrike not knowing that i own a booth in the mall, walked pass me with his cousin and finally we met at last. We then decided that it was time for us to get in a relationship. ive known him for a year and i just feel like we can make this work. So i would like to thanks Blackplanet for helping me find someone who i can be happy with.e find someone who i can be happy with.

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