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Met October 2004, Dothan, AL Posted

It all started off as a cat and mouse game, but now our relationship, has grown and gone futher then either one of us thought. He told me about a year ago that he was not looking for a relationship over the internet, but, as we grew to know one another, we gradually fell in love, and now, I feel like I living in a fairy tale story where my happy ending is coming very soon, minus all the bad things that happen before the 'and they lived happily ever after.' Since we started talking, I know that he is my soulmate and I am his. We've been together now for over two years, but we feel as though we've been together since grade school. Thanks for such a wonderful site, and we'll be sure to update you as the wedding date gets closer.

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Female, 40, Oklahoma City, OK

Posted January 23, 2007

That is wonderful like they say "you find true love when you give up looking for it". CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I wish you two the best of luck .