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Met December 2001, New Brunswick, NJ Posted

We used to chit chat on BP everyday. It was like a friendship that no one could touch. We talked for months and months until it came to a year. Finally exchanged numbers and it was a wrap then. We stayed in touch by phone and by BP note then soon started to 'talk'. After 2 years of chatting we decided to 'hang out'. Went to a super bowl party and it was all UP HILL after that. Began casual dating and ended up "Sweethearts" in November of 2004. Have been together ever since and are starting to form a life together. But I must say, I do thank BP for bringing her to me. ;)her to me. ;)

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Female, 42, Queens Village, NY

Posted March 05, 2007

That's what's up much Rainbow luv to y'all!! Glad u found your happiness stay sweet


Female, Age Private, Durham, NC

Posted March 15, 2007

Hey you guys. Congratulations. It''s because of stories like yours that I'm even trying trhe BP thing. Good luck and much success in the future to the both of you.